Food in the USVI

Dining options in the Virgin Islands are wide open 

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Food in the Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands visitors can spend their days exploring natural island beauty as well as the sand and sun of the magnificent beaches.  After a day out enjoying all that the islands have to offer, tasting locally created dishes is a perfect way to wrap up a Caribbean day.


On St. Thomas, visitors will find that restaurants are easy to come by, and spread pretty evenly throughout the terrain.  Still, it seems that Charlotte Amalie is the most popular dining location, and has a few more restaurants in one particular area than other cities on the island.  St. Croix experiences a similar layout -- restaurants can be found every where you go on the island, though Christiansted might just have the highest concentration of restaurants, and Frederiksted is the runner up. You can also search for restaurants that are located on hotel property by visiting our Best Hotels for Dining Options page.

Keep in mind that dining in the Virgin Islands can be a little pricey, though low cost meals can be found for approximately $5(USD). For a nice night out, it would be difficult to find a meal for less than $20(USD) a plate, though it is certainly possible to spend more.

On the British Virgin Islands, mid-range meals begin at about $15(USD) while the U.S. Virgin Islands offer mid-range options beginning at $10(USD). The necessity of importing foods is often a cause of higher costs for restaurateurs, especially on St. John, which is passed along to diners.

Another item vacationers may want to consider, particularly when heading to an upscale restaurant, is the subject of reservations. Many times reservations are unnecessary, but they are occasionally a good idea, and calling the restaurant can usually help you determine the best course of action. Further, while the Virgin Islands are fairly laid back, finer restaurants in particular may have a dress code, making calling a great idea - even if it's just from your hotel before you go.

Culinary Styles


There are many island specialties for travelers looking to indulge in something out of the ordinary, though for those looking for a familiar taste of home, the islands offer that as well. Whether you're planning a visit to the British or U.S. Virgin Islands, your tongue is in for a treat.

The U.S. Virgin Islands specifically host many American-style restaurants, as well as many kinds of international cuisine. In fact, there was even a point when some were beginning to believe that Virgin Island specialties would be lost entirely. Then, however, something unprecedented happened. Top chefs from around the world came to revive these local dishes.

Now, travelers can experience a wide range of dining options. Fresh fish is never a bad choice in the Virgin Islands; you won't want to leave without experiencing the way chefs prepare seafood here. Other local dishes, from okra to johnnycakes, will certainly take your taste buds on vacation as well.  You can learn more about the islands' specialty offerings by reading our guide to Culinary Styles in the Virgin Islands.


Rum is the most popular beverage throughout the Caribbean, and the Virgin Islands is no exception.  In fact, there are several rums that come straight from the islands, particularly Cruzan Rum.  Rums are typically mixed with other alcohols and fruit juices.  Mauby and Giger beer are also commonly consumed beverages. 

Of course, no meal is complete without something to wash it down. The Virgin Islands offer up a few local concoctions, including Cruzan Rum, which is made in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Many rum drinks are popular, with local recipes usually featuring fruit juices from the island. Mauby is another popular alcoholic beverage made from ginger, yeast, herbs, and the bark of the mauby tree. Ginger beer, bush tea, soursop juice, and sea-moss cooler provide liquid refreshment with a little less kick.

With local and international cuisines served by world-class chefs, travelers to the Virgin Islands have a wide range of dining options. Of course, this kind of dining does come with a price, but meals can certainly be affordable if you know where to look.


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