Can We Talk in the USVI?

Although English is the language spoke throughout the Virgin Islands, dialects and accents can be very diverse

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Languages spoken in the Virgin Islands

In both the USVI and the BVI, English is the official and principally spoken language. The vast majority of the population speaks, reads, and writes English. But occasionally, you may hear a smattering of French, Creole, or Spanish.

Like most places in the Caribbean, Virgin Island English has its own special lilts and charms. English in the Virgin Island is spoken quickly with a thick accent that makes some words unrecognizable. Further, there are two varieties of Creole, French and English, both of which have slightly different grammatical rules and vocabulary.

If you can't understand what's being said, politely ask the speaker to repeat and speak a little slower. Listening to distinct local dialects can be an enjoyable part of a Virgin Islands vacation.


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