What Do I Need to enter the USVI?

Required passports and paperwork can vary between each of the Virgin Islands

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Pack your passport when visiting the Virgin Islands

Having all the appropriate paperwork ready will simplify entry into both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.

Travelers entering any of the Virgin Islands from the United States and Canada are required to provide identification. An original birth certificate or official photo ID are acceptable. Citizens of all other countries are required to have a valid passport, but it never hurts for all visitors to bring their passports, particularly because some charters offer "island hopping" services to nearby locations.

NOTE: New laws state that while American citizens may enter the U.S. Virgin Islands without a passport, when returning to the U.S. mainland they must be able to present a valid passport if their vacation involves a trip to the British Virgin Islands or any other Caribbean locations.

Other Documents

Before departing for your trip, make two extra copies of all your identification, passports and driver's license, in addition to copies of your airline tickets, hotel vouchers, cruise itineraries, and medical documentation, such as prescriptions.

USVI: Marriage Documents

The USVI have become extremely popular as a wedding location. For couples interested in getting married in the USVI, specific documentation is required. All couples must file a marriage application and receive a marriage license. Additionally, there is an eight day waiting period, which can be waived in certain circumstances. After the waiting period is over, a civil ceremony can be performed by a judge at a cost, or the couple can make arrangements through a religious or other private agency. There is no blood test or physical required by law in the USVI.

Requirement Cost
Marriage License $25(USD)
Marriage Application
(must be notarized)
Civil Ceremony $200(USD)

BVI: Marriage Documents

To be married in the BVI, couples will need to have passports or other acceptable photo ID, and original birth certificates. Further, couples will need to present certified proof that they are single (including death certificates or divorce decrees if previously married). Couples must have two witnesses and apply for a marriage license, which costs $110(USD), and wait for at least three days while paperwork is processed. Click here to read more about weddings in the Virgin Islands.


For any student traveling abroad, an International Student Identification Card (ISIC) is a worthwhile investment. The card costs about $22(USD) and can be purchased at any Student Travel Agency office (STA Travel) or ordered online from various Web sites. When purchasing the card, you will need to have your driver's license or passport, and your official school or university identification on hand. An ISIC card entitles the bearer to discounts on airfare, rail tickets, bus passes, event tickets, and entrance fees. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the benefits of an ISIC card.


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