Planning Your Vacation in the USVI

Virgin Islands vacations can be made perfect with a little planning

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Planning a Trip to the Virgin Islands

A trip to the Virgin Islands can be the experience of a lifetime, but the only way to make sure that every detail of your vacation is perfect is by putting a little time and patience into the planning you'll need to do long before you start packing the sunscreen.

Good travel planning should involve three basic steps: learning more about the islands, determining the most important aspects of your trip, and booking your vacation. By doing these things you will familiarize yourself with the area and know exactly what to expect from your Virgin Islands getaway.

Getting Info

The first thing you should do is to begin researching the area you're interested in. The Virgin Islands are incredibly diverse, which means that no matter what your priorities are, you'll be able to find the tropical location that suits you. Travelers looking to escape the noise and bustle of city life may find the British Virgin Island of Jost Van Dyke to be perfection, but it wouldn't hold that same appeal to visitors who crave the lively, vibrant atmosphere of St. Thomas.

Making Decisions

After educating yourself about the strengths of each island, you're ready to start making some decisions. Figure out what the most meaningful part of your trip will be: is your vacation centered around an activity such as yachting or are you more concerned with staying in an all-inclusive resort, Once you've established your priorities it will be easier to efficiently narrow down your options and make tough travel decisions.

Booking your Trip

Having weighed all your options, you should find the best buying method. Prices and services can vary widely, so learning what is available can help you make good choices. When you determine the method that fits you best, you can book your vacation with the confidence of knowing that you've done all the necessary planning for your trip.

Without much effort, your time spent in the Virgin Islands will be a wonderful experience, but by taking these three steps,  you will improve the quality of your vacation experience tenfold. 


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