Vegetarian Cuisine in the USVI

Throughout the Virgin Islands, expect to be impressed by the diverse set of places to sit down to a meal. If you're admittedly obsessed with vegetarian food, you will definitely want to check out the places that do it best. Take a peek at the vegetarian favorites offered at the satisfying set of restaurants below.

With choices such as the fine dining favorite named Room with a View to the lovely dinner service at Theo's West Indian Thai Infusion, it really is possible to find the dish worthy of multiple plates-full.

Take time to browse the many places where guests can grab vegetarian food. See one that catches your eye? Click its name to read more about its specialties, style, and what you can do nearby.

Natural Livity

Downtown Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas | (340) 244-4159

Natural Livity

Natural Livity is situated in downtown Charlotte Amalie, in the heart of Charlotte Amalie. For a convenient, fuss-free place to start eating a good plate of vegetarian fare, take a look at this place where the setting is casual. Natural Livity offers a variety of vegetarian cuisine like sandwiches, salads, and, veggie burgers. In addition, they also make a selection of fresh juices and smoothies that are sure to be refreshing on a hot day. The staff is especially fond of the Vegan Lasagna.

Theo's West Indian Thai Infusion

Frenchtown, St. Thomas | (340) 779-8436

Theo's West Indian Thai Infusion is located in Frenchtown, a neighborhood on St. Thomas; to the west of Charlotte Amalie. Salty, fresh seafood and vegetarian style eats are an outstanding combo at this well-liked place. Chef Theo uses fresh products purchased daily from the local market to create the freshet food possible.

Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis

Coral Bay, St. John | (340) 774-1030

Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis

Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis is found toward the center of Coral Bay. Hoping to indulge a bit on chicken during your stay? Then there's no shame in it being a permanent plan in your vacation agenda. Oasis offers a warm, home-style environment, yet it is the only place on the island with a drive-thru window.

Room with a View

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas | (340) 774-2377

Room with a View is on the same premises as Bluebeards Castle. Formal dining is the standard here, so foodies who favor that type of dining as well as vegetarian culinary creations won't want to miss it. You should expect no less than exquisite dishes that include fresh seafood and tasty duck, as well as an assortment of chicken and pasta options. Don't forget their specialty wines to go with your dinner, as they are supposed to have some of the best on the island.

Sweet Life Cafe

Frenchtown, St. Thomas | (340) 775-2650

Sweet Life Cafe can be found in Frenchtown, a neighborhood on St. Thomas; to the west of Charlotte Amalie. When you have a desire to couple vegetarian foodstuffs with vegan flair, this place is selling both.

vegetarian Restaurants
Name Location Island Type Phone Number
Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis 0.2 mi. South of Central Coral Bay St. John Caribbean, Soul Food, Vegetarian (340) 774-1030
Natural Livity Downtown Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas Vegetarian (340) 244-4159
Room with a View 0.2 mi. East of Central Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas Greek, International, Vegetarian (340) 774-2377
Sweet Life Cafe 0.9 mi. West of Central Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas Caribbean, Vegan, Vegetarian (340) 775-2650
Theo's West Indian Thai Infusion 0.9 mi. West of Central Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas Indian, Thai, Vegan, Vegetarian (340) 779-8436
Vegetarian Creation The vicinity of St. Thomas and St. John None Vegetarian (340) 773-4772

Similar Food

Looking for even more of these flavors? Then you might also like featured items like the health food, which is available at both The Longboard and Coral Reef Bar and Grill.

Despite your dining plans, you may find the best places to dine in the Virgin Islands are the ones that you run into naturally as you're out doing activities and seeing attractions. That being said, it's still a good idea to plan on visiting specific venues. To learn even more concerning the dining options awaiting you, check out this page.


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