Tipping and Gratuities in the USVI

In the Virgin Islands, tipping procedures vary between British and U.S. areas

Photo credit: © Elina Gareeva | Dreamstime.com

Leaving a little extra after your meal or upon checking out of your hotel goes a long way toward showing the people who served you how much you appreciated their attention.

In the USVI

In the USVI, tip as you would on the U.S. mainland. In restaurants, it is customary to leave at least 15 percent of the total bill, before any discounts or special reductions. Most servers at fast food or self-service restaurants do not require a tip, but when dining in a full service restaurant with a large group, remember that gratuities are almost never included (except for parties larger than 10).

When checking baggage, tip the porter at least one dollar per bag. You should also tip maids, and depending on the level of service, it is polite to offer a gratuity to your concierge. If your hotel provides valet parking, it is advisable to tip the valet as well.

In the BVI

In the BVI, hotels commonly add an automatic service charge of 5 to 15 percent, depending on the accommodations. Be sure to ask when making reservations whether this fee is included.

At restaurants, a 10 percent service charge is automatically included in the bill, but be sure, and inspect the bill carefully before not leaving a tip. If the service is good, it's customary to leave an additional 5 percent or more.

Taxi cab drivers don't usually accept tips because the price is fixed before the ride, but a 5 percent tip for exceptionally good service will be appreciated.

Taking a moment to tip your waitstaff in hotels and restaurants can help ensure that you continue to receive excellent service as well as enabling you to show your appreciation for a job well done.


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