Transportation Options for the USVI

Visitors can find many ways of getting to the U.S. Virgin Islands

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The Virgin Islands are an incredible vacation just waiting to happen. But before you can enjoy everything these islands have to offer, you have to get there. Several travel options are available whether you're traveling to the British or U.S. Virgin Islands, including plane, cruise, or yacht.

Air Travel

The U.S. territories have plenty of direct flights, and travelers wanting to take the trip should face few issues. Cyril E King Airport on St. Thomas serves as a hub of air travel for not only the the USVI, but also the the BVI and some of the surrounding area. Still, Henry E Rohlsen Airport on St. Croix also sees some direct flights, but for the most part Cyril E King Airport will see the most action. Click here to learn more.


Yachting is also extremely popular in the the USVI, in fact, these islands are considered to be the yachting capital of the Caribbean. There are plenty of yachts available for rental in this region. Or, you can rent one outside of the Virgin Islands and arrive by sea on your own schedule. Sailors should be aware of all the rules and regulations associated with entering the islands. Once you arrive you'll have plenty of opportunity to sail between the islands to enjoy what each spot has to offer, and possibly even participate in one of the many yachting and sailing events that the Virgin Islands host each year. The International Rolex Regatta and the St. Croix International Regatta are two such events. Click here to read more about the particulars of sailing to the islands.


Cruises stops frequentyl at Charlotte Amalie and Christiansted; both are popular cruise ports. Since each spot offers something a little different, some cruises visit multiple destinations. In fact, on occasion a cruise ship will sail only to the Virgin Islands, making stops at as many islands in the two chains as possible. This will give you an opportunity to do a little bit of everything. Shop, dine, and party at the more popular tourism-driven ports on the the USVI, and then head over to the British side where natural attractions and beaches going make up the bulk of the attractions. You can learn more about cruising to the the USVI by clicking here.

Rental Cars

Vacationers who value a sense of independence might be interested in renting a car, a service available on most of the larger the USVI. Both internationally known major companies and local rental agencies are available on the islands, and the rates are usually competitive. Daily rates should fall somewhere between $50(USD) and $80(USD), and weekly rates will range from $300(USD) to $500(USD), respectively. Throughout the islands, drivers stay to the left side of the road, and speed limits are relatively low.

Find out more about renting a car by clicking here.

Bikes and Mopeds

Bikes and Mopeds Active travelers may feel the need to explore the picturesque islands on their own, and bicycle and moped rentals are widely available. Generally a bike can be rented for a daily rate of about $35(USD). Weekly rates are often available and are usually a great deal. Safety gear should always be worn, and vacationers who opt for renting bikes and scooters are advised to review their course and avoid metropolitan traffic.


For guests planning to stay in a general area for most of their vacation, taxis can be very convenient for the few times they need to travel a distance. While they are most prevalent on St. Thomas, you can find them throughout the the USVI. Taxis in the the USVI have a pre-set rate chart. Passengers who would like a private cab are expected to pay for the privilege by compensating the driver for absent riders. Be sure to read more about the various taxi services on the islands by clicking here.


Buses are another option that many vacationers are drawn to because they are so inexpensive. Fares on all the islands hover around $1(USD). In the the USVI, buses are usually air-conditioned and in good condition, although they have a tendency to run a bit behind schedule. Find out more about buses here.


Ferries can be very useful for anyone looking to travel between St. Thomas and St. John. Leaving out of Red Hook, several times per day, tourists can easily take a ferry over to Cruz Bay. Additionally, if you want some extended exploring, you can even take a very to the the BVI, as long as you have your passport ready. Unfortunately, St. Croix, the thrid US Virgin Island, cannot be reached by ferry.

Learn more about where you can and can't go by reading our US Virgin Island Ferry Guide.

Any method for seeing the area will have its own advantage, but all of the choices will no doubt be rewarding. No matter where your interests and curiosity lead you, in the Virgin Islands, getting around is half the fun.


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