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Utuado is located in the mountains of Puerto Rico and attracts do-it-yourselfers and tourists who like to keep things moving. Many visitors rent out rooms and other accommodations with kitchens so that they can take advantage of small, local grocery stores and make all of their meals on their own. Even these people tend to want to eat out on occassion. During these times, they'll find small, local spots as well as a few American eateries.

Caribbean and Local

Vacationers will encounter a handful of chances to try out local dishes and flavors throughout their stay in Utuado. Creole and Caribbean dishes are among the popular options found in the area. Remember that you can click on the restaurant names to read further information.

Paisaje Escondido I is a local bar and grill located in the heart of Utuado. Puerto Rican favorites like mofongo and local seafood fills the menu. Tostones and a salad accompany each entree. If you want to call before making reservations, do so at (787) 894-9022.

A pleasant food venue worth considering is Dona Fela. Serving the best mofongo in the area, Dona Fela is favored as a top restaurant for traditional Puerto Rican fare. Bonus: the staff is welcoming and always on top of things. Guests can find them at 21 Salto.

Las Tortugas: An unassuming cabin in the mountains, Las Tortugas is actually one of the best restaurants around. Serving traditional local cuisine and boasting a friendly staff, this is a can't miss spot. If you have questions, call them at (787) 894-9600.

Below you will be able to see the 5 places offering visitors this kind of food.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Utuado
Name Location Type Phone Number
Aquarium Seafood 0.6 mi. Southeast of Central Utuado Creole (787) 894-1500
Dona Fela Central Utuado Caribbean, Creole (787) 894-2758
La Familia Central Utuado International, Latin American (787) 894-7209
Las Tortugas Central Utuado Caribbean, Creole (787) 894-9600
Paisaje Escondido I Central Utuado Creole, Latin American (787) 894-9022

European and Asian

Diners can pick from quite a few European restaurants in the vicinity, though don't anticipate finding very much in the way of Asian dining.

You can use the collection right below to get information on these kinds of choices in the area.

European and Asian Restaurants in Utuado
Name Location Type Phone Number
Edith Pizza Central Utuado Italian (787) 894-4774
Pizza Y Algo Ma!S Central Utuado Italian (787) 814-1022
Pizzeraa Rest El Cemi Central Utuado Italian (787) 814-1905
Pizzeraa Restaurant El Torpedo Central Utuado Italian (787) 814-4415
Pizzeria Rosario Central Utuado Italian (787) 894-3257
Tavo's Pizza Central Utuado Italian (787) 894-1853

American and Other

Along with a few recognizable mealtime options, you will also be able to try some International and Latin American cuisine.

Dream Cafe Utuado is a spot to enjoy some coffee found in the heart of Utuado. At Dream Cafe Utuado, guests are treated to friendly service by baristas who love what they are doing, and high quality coffee that offers the perfect pick me up first thing in the morning and throughout the day. Guests will be able to find them at 4 Barcelo.

A notable dining venue to consider is Black Coffee Espresso Bar. Throw pretension out the door when you walk into Back Coffee Espresso. This coffeehouse offers up the best coffee around without the elevated ambiance of some of the more recent coffee chains to open up in the area. If you have questions and want to call ahead of time, you can do so at (787) 814-0555.

McDonald's Utuado: If you day touring the island cut into meal time, take a trip through the McDonald's drive thru where you can pick up a hot meal that your whole family will enjoy.

Below you can look through the 4 places cooking this type of cuisine.

American and Other Restaurants in Utuado
Name Location Type Phone Number
Black Coffee Espresso Bar Central Utuado International (787) 814-0555
Dream Cafe Utuado Central Utuado American (787) 814-0693
La Familia Central Utuado International, Latin American (787) 894-7209
McDonald's Utuado Central Utuado American (787) 814-0507

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