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Quickly becoming a more highly sought after tourist destination in the Mexican Caribbean, Valladolid is the perfect home base for exploration of Mayan culture.  This is the town that most closely resembles what people imagine a Mayan city would be like, with bright architecture and folks who wear the Mayan style of dress.  The cherry on top is the fact that it is located within an hour's drive of most of the region's major ruins.  Rather than fancy resorts that encourage guests to stay on property the whole time they visit, this town has a collection of simple hotels and guest houses that are nice and clean but far from opulent. 

Hotels In Valladolid

El Meson Del Marques

Visitors can find at least a couple different hotels to consider. Read more info about each one by clicking the links. Both of these booking options will be found in Valladolid.

El Meson Del Marques is one property of this type found within the heart of Valladolid. Since 1967, El Meson del Marques has been hosting vacationers in their 90 guest rooms. Through eight renovations and much innovation, El Meson del Marques has continued to attract guests from around the world, and keep them coming back for more. Beautiful decor, delectable eats, and excellent service is what you'll get when you choose to stay at this property. If you want to call before you go, you can do so at (985) 856-2073.

Be sure to look at the table below for information concerning hotels.

Hotels In Valladolid
Name Phone Number Star Rating Location
Ecotel Quinta Regia (999) 856-3472


Central Valladolid
El Meson Del Marques (985) 856-2073


Central Valladolid

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Camping and Eco-Tourism Near Valladolid

Nature lovers might want to take a look at the opportunities for eco-tourism near Valladolid. Alongside the typical hotel choices, there will be multiple eco-lodges.

Some of the eco-accommodations are summarized down below.

Eco-Accommodations Near Valladolid
Name Phone Number Star Rating Location
Genesis Eco-Oasis


14.4 mi. North of Central Valladolid
U-najil Cabanas --


14.3 mi. North of Central Valladolid

Individual Villas

There will be just one individual villa in the area, Quinta Real Hotel Villahermosa.

Individual Villas In Valladolid
Name Phone Number Bedrooms Bathrooms Location
Quinta Real Hotel Villahermosa -- -- -- Central Valladolid Mexico

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