Car Rentals in Valladolid

If you'll be exploring the area surrounding Valladolid, a rental car is recommended

Renting a car in Valladolid is a popular option simply because most people will choose to drive themselves from the nearest airport about 90 minutes away to get to their getaway.  Others will take the bus or find some other way into town and rent a car for a day or so of sightseeing after they arrive.  Both options are feasible, though the second one may be a little harder to pull off.

Renting a Car

The easiest option for the majority of visitors looking to rent a car for a stay in Valladolid will be to pick up their car from the airport and drive themselves.  Most well-known international agencies have set up shop here and offer a huge variety of vehicles for anywhere from $20 to $140(USD) a day.

Most people believe that it is impossible to rent a car within the city limits of Valladolid, however, there is one location it is possible to rent with.  They can be hard to find because their main business is as a tour guide, but they do also offer rental cars to those in need.  Despite the fact that they corner the market, prices remain reasonable.

Driving in Valladolid

Valladolid is one of the towns in the region that has paved roads with a structured system that makes it easy to get around.  Streets that run north to south are named with even numbers, while those going east to west are named with odd numbers.  Additionally, the town is small enough that even if you do get lost, you'll find it easy to get your bearings rather quickly. 

The biggest thing to be aware of is gas stations.  You shouldn't have trouble fueling up in town, but if you decide to explore throughout the Yucatan, be sure to stop and get gas anytime you reach half a tank just to ensure you don't get stuck in an unknown area with no idea where the next gas station may be.

If you're planning to rent a car for your stay in Valladolid, you have some decisions to make regarding where you'll rent from and what type of vehicle you'll rent.  Fortunately, the driving conditions in town are some of the best in the region, so that is one concern you can push to the wayside.


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