Valladolid Transportation Options

Choose the right transportation option for your trip to Valladolid

About halfway between Merida and Cancun sits a quiet colonial city.  While it is not necessarily a top tourist destination, the historic architecture and close proximity to some of the best cenote diving and a few Mayan ruins in the area does bring quite a few visitors here each year.  Unlike Cancun and Playa del Carmen which are so popular that there are numerous resources on local transportation, it is a bit harder to plan how you'll get to and around Valladolid, but it is certainly not an impossible task to overcome. 

Air Travel

Cancun International Airport (CUN) tends to be the gateway to Valladolid.  It is located under two hours away to the northeast, and visitors are able to take the bus or rent a car to get them the rest of the way to town.  This airport is a top choice despite the fact that there is another airport about equal distance away simply because the amount of flights that travel here from around the world is so much greater.  Find out more about flying into Cancun then making your way to Valladolid by clicking here


Completely landlocked, sailing to Valladolid simply is not feasible.  It is possible to sail to a port along the coast and then make your way in to town by bus or rental car.  In order to make this possible, you'll need to present Port Authority with the original copies of your boat's official documentation, a valid passport and tourist card for each person aboard, an up-to-date crew and stores list, and any individual fishing licenses anyone aboard may have.  After gaining clearance, the official you speak with can direct you to local marinas.  

Rental Cars

Thanks to the paves roads with an understandable system of organization, Valladolid is one of the towns in the the Yucatan Peninsula where it is recommendable to rent a car and drive yourself around – though the town is small enough that you don't have to.  The best option will be to rent from the airport, but there I one spot in town that can provide you with a vehicle when you are in need.  Find listings and other information on the subject here


Taxis are an inexpensive way to get around Valladolid, but they are not always easy to find on the streets.  For this reason, it is recommended that you make note of the local agencies phone numbers and give them a call when you are in need of a ride.  Get numbers and further details here.


Valladolid's bus station is located near the town's Main Square, though these buses are not generally used for getting around town.  Instead, you'll find transportation to other nearby towns with lines like ADO and Oriente for very low prices.  In fact, it is rare to spend more than $10(USD) per person to travel up and down the Caribbean coast. 

Centrally located among many of the top attractions in the region, getting to know which transportation options are available in Valladolid is key to your explorations.  Find which option works best for you before you go so you don't waste a single moment of your getaway trying to figure out your next move.


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