Activities on Vieques

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Set just seven miles off the east coast of Puerto Rico, Vieques is so undeveloped that it feels like an undiscovered slice of paradise to nearly every visitor who steps off the ferry when they arrive.  There are no major resorts, instead a few paved streets lined with small hotels, rental properties, and shops that keep things going between deliveries of goods from the mainland.  Activities take tourists on a magical journey of underwater habitats, bodies of water that glow in the dark, and historic ruins that are known to take visitor's breaths away.

Bike and Scooter Rental

This natural, yet active, island is a great place for tourist who enjoy a bike ride. Whether you ride along the coast or through the rugged interior, it will be a fun day on Vieques.

If you are thinking about feeling the wind in your hair, you will find 3 businesses that can help you. Click to read our page dedicated to bike and scooter rentals.


Vieques Diving

Vieques is one of the most naturalistic areas of Puerto Rico, and it shows with the quaility of the dive sites. Choosing to dive off Vieques means clear water and diverse marine life.

You'll find a couple of dive services and a small number of dive sites to choose from. To see our detailed guide to scuba diving in this area, follow this link.


Isla Outfitters

Vieques is a prime fishing destination regardless of whether you are looking for a deepsea charter or shore fishing excursion.

Hoping to spend some time with a rod in your hand? You'll be pleased to discover there are 3 charter fishing services located in this area. To read more about deep sea fishing in this area, check out this page.

Sailing and Boating

Caribbean Lady Sailing Charters

Be sure to look through this table to find out more about firms that will help you enjoy some time on the water.

Boating Opportunities On Vieques
Name Phone Location
Caribbean Lady Sailing Charters (787) 930-5610 0.5 mi. South-Southeast of Central Esperanza
Little Boat Sailing (787) 366-5202 Central Vieques
Marauder Sailing Charters (787) 435-4858 4.2 mi. South-Southwest of Central Isabel Segunda
SeaVieques (787) 435-0256 0.2 mi. North-Northwest of Central Isabel Segunda
Vieques Classic Charter (787) 467-3447 0.4 mi. South-Southeast of Central Esperanza
Vieques Island Powercat (787) 980-9978 0.4 mi. South-Southeast of Central Esperanza

If you want to find out about charter operators and local marinas go to this page.


If there are some folks who enjoy shopping in your group, they might want to know that the area has more than 16 retail stores just waiting to be explored. To read about opportunities for shopping on Vieques, check out this page.


Vieques National Wildlife Refugee

Sightseeing is another popular activity for visitors to Vieques. The area features a few historic sites and various other attractions of interest to vacationers. To visit our page about sightseeing attractions and opportunities, click this link.

Review the table just below to read more about a firm that will guide you to some of the most interesting local sights.

Sightseeing Services On Vieques
Name Type Phone Location
Bieque Eco Trips Nature Tourism Service (787) 922-2701 Central Vieques
Din Din's Bio Bay Tours On Boat Or Kayak Excursions and Sightseeing Service (787) 448-5931 Isabel Segunda
Kiani Tours of Vieques Nature Tourism Service (787) 556-6003 Vieques
Vieques Adventure Company Travel and Tour Operators (787) 994-0050 4.0 mi. South-Southwest of Central Isabel Segunda
Vieques Paddleboating Travel and Tour Operators (787) 366-5202 Central Vieques


Vieques Snorkeling

If exploring a watery world sounds fun you'll be pleased to know you can easily find places to do so in the waters surrounding Vieques. To read more about local snorkeling opportunities, use this link.


Going to a spa just might be one of the most enjoyable parts of your vacation. If a spa visit sounds like fun, you might be happy to know the area has one. Click to view our extended discussion of this topic.


If you like playing tennis you might want to make your reservations at a hotel that has a tennis court. However, we're only aware of one property in the area where you can play tennis.

Other Activities

Esperanza Riding Company

The following chart lists some key facts regarding other activities.

Other Activities On Vieques
Name Type Phone Location
Casimar Kayak Tours Jet Ski Rental Service (787) 630-2690 Isabel Segunda
Esperanza Riding Company Horseback Riding Site (787) 435-0073 0.8 mi. West of Central Esperanza
Fun Brother Jet Skis Jet Ski Rental Service (787) 435-9372 4.2 mi. South-Southwest of Central Isabel Segunda

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