Green Beach

Punta Arenas, also known as Green Beach, is a part of the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. It is located on the island of Vieques and runs from the north west tip down the east side. This beach has waters that wash in from both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, making the area where these two waterways meet dangerous for swimmers. Sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, boating, and bird watching are all popular pastimes at Punta Arenas.

Located on the western edge of the island of Vieques, You might want to drop by whether or not you're staying very close. This beach is not just another beach attraction, it is one of the more unique and quiet beaches in Puerto Rico. While Green Beach may be a little more difficult to reach, it allows you to relax without being bothered by the noise of the crowds.

How to Access The Beach
Access Punta Arenas by taking Route 22 west onto the Old Navy Base and through to a dirt road. Take a right at the fork and continue on across two bridges. The road dead ends at a T, giving you the option to go right or left. Both lead to different sections of Punta Arenas.

Amenities and Ambiance

Punta Arenas is comprised of a series of disconnected sandy areas of white sand separated and lined by brush and palm trees. The water to the north, which comes from the Atlantic Ocean is rough and a darker navy blue, while the waters to the east come from the Caribbean Sea and are much more calm and turquoise in hue.

From the shore, visitors can look out into the water and not only view the sail boats that dot the horizon, but the coast of the main island of Puerto Rico.

Vacationers can take advantages of picnic tables at this beach, where you can park your belongings for the afternoon, or set up a quick lunch.

Unfortunately, public restrooms aren't available, so if you're visiting with small children you might want to consider a different location. You'll find the waters off-shore to be fit for snorkeling, so purchase or rent some equipment if you want to see what lies beneath the surface.

the area right around Green Beach is rarely very crowded, With this in mind, there's no need to plan ahead the part of the day you decide to come, as there's a minimal possibility that you be forced to deal with too many additional guests who might need access to the comforts that are available.

What's Nearby


Travelers will find Green Beach on the West coast of Vieques. It is near Abandoned Bunkers, which is one of a few attractions close-by.

If you want to combine a little culture with your trip to the beach, you should consider a trip to Esperanza Archaeological Museum. It's located relatively close to Green Beach, so it would be an easy side trip to take after some time in the sun.

Beaches are nice for a few hours here and there, but there will be more options available in Puerto Rico. The following chart includes some other attractions close-by.

Activities and Attractions Near Green Beach
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Abandoned Bunkers Historical Site 2.8 ESE Vieques
Sugar Mill Ruins Vieques Historical Site 4.1 ESE Vieques
Esperanza Archaeological Museum Museum 5.5 E Vieques
Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust Museum 7.0 E Vieques
Siddhia Hutchinson Fine Art Gallery Art Gallery 9.0 E Vieques

Cities and Towns

Not far away you'll find Isabel Segunda, a town which is not lacking in exploration opportunities, yet also not overflowing with buildings. From the coast, Isabel Segunda is located roughly nine miles (14 and a half kilometers) away.


Whether or not you encounter a lot of other visitors will depend on many factors, including the capacity of nearby hotels. The area does not have very many large hotels, but you may see guests from some of the smaller accommodations in the area.

Because this beach is in a pretty popular vacation area, it shouldn't be very difficult to find just the right kind of hotel nearby. If you and your group are hoping to get a place that's near the ocean, the table that follows lists the options closest to Green Beach.

Accommodations near Green Beach
Hotel Distance Direction Type
La Finca Caribe Guest House and Cottages 5.4 E Lodge
Hacienda Tamarindo 6.1 E Hotel
Inn On The Blue Horizon 6.2 E Hotel


You might not find any places to eat in the vicinity of this coastal destination, so it would be a good idea to plan a picnic for your time spent at the beach.

Other Beaches

Visitors looking for a beach that's right for them will have plenty of other choices on Vieques besides Green Beach.

If you like the ambiance at this beach, you might also like Naguabo Beach, situated ten and a half miles away. If you're on the lookout for more active and social, Mosquito Beach Pier may be just what you're looking for. It's found four and a half miles to the east.

Another sun-drenched spot to consider is El Gallito, located seven miles to the east.

Puerto Rico has a lot to offer its visitors, but Green Beach is both a refreshing place to relax, and a beautiful natural attraction.


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