Renting a Car on Vieques

Although things may be slightly different on Vieques, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle

Because Vieques is a smaller island off the coast of Puerto Rico you'll find things just slightly different on all fronts, including car rentals. Prices may be a little bit higher, the choice of recommended vehicle may be different, and road conditions might be slightly more rugged. Most tourists find that the beauty and peace of the island make any upsetting differences less troublesome over time.


Vieques offers tourists an opportunity to see the "real" Puerto Rico, which means you'll enjoy more natural scenery and get an idea of what it was like on the main island before it became built up and metropolitan. What this means for tourists planning to rent a car is that they'll need a vehicle well equipped to handle the often rugged terrain.

Maritza's Car Rental it the most popularly used rental car agency on the island, with often offering the best deal in town. There are mostly locally owned agencies on the island, though a few international chains like Avis have their place here. Most of the local agencies will require that you call to place your reservation. If you call and there is no answer, a common occurrence, try again later.

Check out this table which shows the various local vehicle rental agencies.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Acevedo's Car Rental (787) 741-4380 Vieques
Avis Vieques (787) 397-2533 State Rd 200 KM5 H1 - Vieques
Coqui's Car Rental (787) 741-3696 571 Plinio Peterson Street - Isabel Segunda
Island Car Rental (787) 741-8822 1.9 mi. (3.0 km) West-Southwest of Isabel Segunda
Maritza's Car Rental (787) 741-0078 1.9 mi. (3.1 km) South West of Isabel Segunda
Vieques Car Rental (787) 412-8540 Kilometer 0.8, Route 200 - 0.6 mi. (0.9 km) South West of Isabel Segunda

The Cost of Renting a Car

Jeeps are the most rented out vehicles, since they can handle the rought roads. They will cost you about $85 a day, plus the cost of insurance, which is $15(USD) a day. If you've come to the island just to spend your days at your resort and want a vehicle on hand just in case, you can spring for a sedan, which will be $20 cheaper at $65(USD) a day. Don't forget that you'll also need to pay taxes, put down up to $500 in a deposit, and if you are between the ages of 21 and 24, you'll spend an extra $10 to $25(USD) a day in fees. You may be able to get a better deal if you don't mind an old beat up model, of if you rent for an extended period of time.


... Livestock is commonly found wandering...


Vieques is Puerto Rico's rugged little sister. The island does have its share of paved roads, but for the most part you'll find roads to be overgrown with brush, so narrow that you can't imagine how two cars would fit on it side by side, and either paved with plenty of cracks and potholes, or unpaved and marked only with dirt. Livestock is commonly found wandering around on the roads, so make sure to be on alert at all times. Speed limits are 35 miles per hour on main roads, and 10 to 15 miles per hour by the beach. Note that yellow curbs are no parking zones, and if you see a sign that says "No Estacione" that also indicates no parking. Blue curbs are for handicapped parking.

Gas Stations

If you're looking for a gas station, you'll find two on the island. Both are located on Route 200, and you'll notice that gasoline is sold by the liter instead of the gallon. Be aware that gas is brought to Vieques from the main island, and here have been a few times when gas has run out.

Since you might encounter problems finding gas stations, check out the table below to get an idea where some are located.

Gas Stations
Name Location
Gas Station 1.0 mi. (1.6 km) South West of Isabel Segunda
Gas Station 1.0 mi. (1.5 km) South West of Isabel Segunda

Are driving conditions on Vieques as modern as on the main island? No, but most agree that that is part of the beauty of the island. Knowing what you're getting yourself into with regards to renting on Vieques makes it easier to decide if this is the best option available for you transportation needs.


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