Snorkeling Around Vieques

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Home to what are arguably the best snorkeling sites in all of Puerto Rico, Vieques is located just off the eastern shore of the main island, accessible by ferry from Fajardo, and a favorite destination among snorkeling tour guides. 

What exactly is it that is so great about Vieques?  Soft sands lead out to shallow waters that are shockingly blue and feature excellent visibility.  Underwater, snorkelers are privy to patch reefs, vibrant fish, and other marine creatures such as sting rays, sea urchins, the occasional manatee, sometimes a nurse shark, and much more.

Almost every beach in Vieques is great for snorkeling, so you can bring your gear along with you and alternate your day between relaxing on the shore and under the surface of the sea exploring the aforementioned sites.  

If you aren't staying on the island, you can make it to Vieques on your own by taking the ferry from Fajardo, but many tour guides and sailing charters offer daily snorkeling excursions here for anywhere from $40 to $100(USD) per person.  

Snorkeling Sites

If you're ready to experience below the water's surface you might enjoy Esperanza Beach. This site is great for those interested in the more unique sites because here you'll likely encounter antler coral, manatees, and the occasional nurse shark. This snorkeling site is located in Esperanza, Vieques.

La Chiva is another snorkeling spot you might enjoy. As the breeding ground for several different juvenile fish species, you can definitely expect to see a lot of colorful little fish darting in and out of the nooks and crannies of this gorgonian coral forest. There are several other species of hard coral here, plus eagle rays, sea urchins, sea turtles, and much more.

A third location to consider is Secret Beach. The diversity of sea life is what most snorkelers find to be so appealing about this site, which has great visibility.

A fourth place to go snorkeling is El Gallito. Snorkeling is only good here on days when there is a southeast wind. The reef stretches from a rock outcropping on the west all the way to the rocks on the east, and within space is marine life galore. If you want to check it out, this site is situated in the western part of Vieques.

Esperanza Beach is a fifth site to consider. Visitors will find the best snorkeling here to be along the pier, but be warned that because it is so popular it can get busy -- especially on weekends.

Be sure to look at this table to learn more about 9 of the most popular locations to enjoy snorkeling in this area.

Snorkeling Sites Near Vieques
Site Location
Esperanza Beach 0.4 mi. Southeast of Central Esperanza
La Chiva Central Vieques
Secret Beach 5.0 mi. East-Southeast of Central Isabel Segunda
El Gallito 2.1 mi. West of Central Isabel Segunda
Esperanza Beach 0.4 mi. Southeast of Central Esperanza
Green Beach 9.2 mi. West of Central Isabel Segunda
Secret Beach Central Vieques
Media Luna Beach 1.7 mi. East-Southeast of Central Esperanza
Mosquito Beach Pier 4.6 mi. West of Central Isabel Segunda

Snorkeling Boat Trips

Caribbean Lady Sailing Charters

For some people, the best snorkeling is located off shore.

If you're ready to combine some snorkeling with a boating adventure, you should consider Caribbean Lady Sailing Charters. All of Caribean Lady's charters are private, so there is no need to worry about mixing groups. The yacht can accommodate up to 6 people.

Another option worth investigating is SeaVieques. SeaVieques offers morning and afternoon snorkeling and sailing tours along with custom or full day cruises. They're found within Isabel Segunda, Vieques.

A third good option is Vieques Classic Charter. Explore the Spanish Virgin Islands aboard Shalamar, a 47' Cutter Rigged Yawl whose name translates to "boat of love". Enjoy your sail among the beauty of Vieques and the surrounding area.

Some details with regard to boat trips and day sails that offer snorkeling opportunities are displayed directly below.

Day Sails and Boat Trips On Vieques
Name Phone Location
Caribbean Lady Sailing Charters (787) 930-5610 0.5 mi. South-Southeast of Central Esperanza
Little Boat Sailing (787) 366-5202 Central Vieques
Marauder Sailing Charters (787) 435-4858 4.2 mi. South-Southwest of Central Isabel Segunda
SeaVieques (787) 435-0256 0.2 mi. North-Northwest of Central Isabel Segunda
Vieques Classic Charter (787) 467-3447 0.4 mi. South-Southeast of Central Esperanza
Vieques Island Powercat (787) 980-9978 0.4 mi. South-Southeast of Central Esperanza

Snorkeling Services

Isla Nena Snorkeling

If you looking for a place offering snorkeling gear, excursions or similar services, you should check out Isla Nena Snorkeling. Mainly a dive center, {% link_to 1285066 %} also offers snorkeling tours for non-certified divers. There is Discover Snorkeling, Discover Scuba and Discover Scuba Subsequent Boat Dive tours. They are situated in the northwestern part of Vieques.

A second place catering to snorkelers is Abe's Snorkeling. Endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and raved about by nearly all of his previous clients, this tour guide are known as some of the best adventure tours -- not only on Vieques, but throughout the whole of Puerto Rico.

A third company worth contacting is Fin Time Adventures. For a top-notch snorkeling and sailing adventure, this operation has you covered. Their trips are regularly scheduled, so there is always one on the horizon for you to book as a highlight of your trip. They're found within the northwestern part of Vieques.

Some key facts concerning 5 firms that provide snorkeling related services are displayed right below.

Snorkeling Services On Vieques
Name Phone Location
Abe's Snorkeling (787) 741-2134 Isabel Segunda, Southern part of Vieques
Black Beard Sports (787) 741-1892 Isabel Segunda, Northwestern part of Vieques
Fin Time Adventures (787) 981-4109 0.3 mi. West-Southwest of Central Isabel Segunda
Isla Nena Snorkeling (787) 718-7605 0.4 mi. South-Southeast of Central Isabel Segunda
SeaVieques (787) 435-0256 Vieques

For more information about snorkeling, including suggestions and helpful tips for both "old pros" and beginners, check out our extensive Caribbean snorkeling article.

There are a lot of great snorkeling sites in Puerto Rico, but those that exist around the island of  Vieques are sure to amaze even the most seasoned watersports enthusiast.  


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