What's Located Around W Retreat & Spa - Vieques Island

Sometimes landing a hotel located near a nice beach can make your trip even more worthwhile.

Many guests are excited to learn that W Retreat & Spa - Vieques Island is directly on the waterfront, so you won't have to go far to experience first hand what makes the area such a popular vacation destination.

Nearby Beaches

Needless to say, since W Retreat & Spa - Vieques Island is located on El Gallito, sun bathing is a popular pastime at this property. Sitting just outside some of the most tourist friendly areas on Vieques, the convenient Gallito Beach is easy to reach while still being free of major crowds. Anyone looking for a quick getaway and a beach more relaxed is sure to find El Gallito a good match. For vacationers who are willing to venture off site, there are some additional beaches worth investigating. Clicking on each link below allows you to view our detailed article:

Beaches Near W Retreat
Beach Distance Direction Location
Mosquito Beach Pier -- -- 4.5 mi. West of Isabel Segunda
Sun Bay Beach -- -- 3.8 mi. South-Southwest of Isabel Segunda
Esperanza Beach -- -- 4.2 mi. South-Southwest of Isabel Segunda
Media Luna Beach -- -- 4.0 mi. South of Isabel Segunda
Navio Beach -- -- 3.9 mi. South of Isabel Segunda
Garcia Beach -- -- 3.3 mi. Southeast of Isabel Segunda
Playa Negra -- -- 4.9 mi. South West of Isabel Segunda
Puerto Ferro Playita -- -- 3.8 mi. South-Southeast of Isabel Segunda
Caracas Beach -- -- 3.5 mi. Southeast of Isabel Segunda
Bahia Tapon Beach -- -- 3.6 mi. Southeast of Isabel Segunda
Pata Prieta -- -- 3.7 mi. Southeast of Isabel Segunda
Playa Grande -- -- 5.8 mi. South West of Isabel Segunda

The nearest one is Mosquito Beach Pier. Jutting out for a mile into the north shore of Vieques is Mosquito Pier, or Rompeolas. The pier splits that area of coast into two separate beaches, Playa Bladin and Playa La Peña.

Nearby Areas

Travelers who are interested to know about what's located nearby might want to know how many miles the neighboring town or city is from their location. W Retreat & Spa - Vieques Island is found on the island of Vieques, it's to the west of Isabel Segunda.

Below are the names of some of the neighborhoods and towns located within a short distance of W Retreat & Spa - Vieques Island.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Barriada Monte Santo, Vieques 1.1 SE
Isabel Segunda, Vieques 1.3 E
Esperanza, Vieques 3.3 S
Cayo Lobo 13.6 NNE
Cayo Luis Pena 14.0 NE
Ceiba, Puerto Rico 14.8 NW
Quebrada Seca, Puerto Rico 14.9 WNW
Culebra Pueblo, Isla de Culebra 15.5 NE
Isla Palominos 15.6 NNW

Nearby Attractions

Vieques National Wildlife Refugee

W Retreat & Spa - Vieques Island is a wonderful place to stay for active travelers. There are a good amount of active pursuits to be enjoyed when starting at this lodging. Yes, this region touts a wide array of places to explore, such as Puerto Ferro Lighthouse, Fortín Conde De Mirasol, and Munoz Rivera Plaza. Of the three, the closest is Puerto Ferro Lighthouse.

These attractions are just a sample of what's in the area; find more listed in the table below.

Attractions Near W Retreat
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Puerto Ferro Lighthouse Lighthouse -- -- 3.8 mi. South-Southeast of Isabel Segunda
Fortín Conde De Mirasol Historical Site -- -- Isabel Segunda
Munoz Rivera Plaza Park -- -- Isabel Segunda
Vieques National Wildlife Refugee Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve -- -- 3.3 mi. East of Isabel Segunda
Punta Mulas Lighthouse Lighthouse -- -- 0.4 mi. North of Isabel Segunda
Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust Museum -- -- Esperanza
Esperanza Archaeological Museum Museum -- -- 5.1 mi. South West of Isabel Segunda
Sugar Mill Ruins Vieques Historical Site -- -- 6.3 mi. South West of Isabel Segunda
Abandoned Bunkers Historical Site -- -- 7.0 mi. West-Southwest of Isabel Segunda

If you're on the lookout for an interesting place to visit, Fortín Conde De Mirasol is an alternative worth considering. Built in 1845, Fortin Conde De Mirasol was eventually turned into a prison and place of execution for many prisoner. Near complete ruins by the late 1900's, the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture restored the complex, finishing in 1991.

Nearby Accommodations

Finding details about nearby accommodation options is generally an excellent way to get a feel for the surrounding area. Readers can find plenty of additional destinations to look at before reaching a decision, as this part of Vieques houses a wide range of hotels and resorts to pick from. The table that follows lists the booking options found in the surrounding area.

Accommodations near W Retreat
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Martineau Bay Resort And Spa -- -- 2.0 mi. West of Isabel Segunda, Vieques
Crow's Nest -- -- 1.8 mi. South West of Isabel Segunda, Vieques
Vieques Ocean View Hotel -- -- Isabel Segunda, Vieques
Hix Island House -- -- Isabel Segunda, Vieques
Casa De Amistad -- -- Isabel Segunda, Vieques
Bravo Beach Hotel -- -- 0.5 mi. North of Isabel Segunda, Vieques
Casa La Lanchita -- -- 0.6 mi. North-Northeast of Isabel Segunda, Vieques
The Great Escape -- -- 2.7 mi. South West of Isabel Segunda, Vieques
Hector's by the Sea -- -- 1.0 mi. Southeast of Isabel Segunda, Vieques
Seagate Hotel -- -- 0.7 mi. East of Isabel Segunda, Vieques

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