Maria Islands

In 1982, the government of St. Lucia declared Maria Islands a nature reserve. Today they function as a wildlife habitat where flora and fauna are protected and guests can learn about the unique tropical topography.

As visitors tour Maria Islands they will learn that there are over 80 plant species and five endemic reptile species on the islands, and that they serve as nesting grounds for multitudes of migratory birds from Africa each year.

Tours of the islands are directed by a knowledgeable guide who will explain all about the importance of these islands, then lead you to the shores, which are surrounded by coral reef and great for snorkeling.


Maria Islands is located in the vicinity of Vieux Fort, on Saint Lucia; it's 1.2 miles to the east of Vieux Fort.

Maria Islands are only accessible by boat and must be led by a tour guide.

Nearby Restaurants

And, one of the most exciting options while spending a few hours exploring the area could be chowing down on a meal at a restaurant within traveling distance of Maria Islands. The nearest place to eat to Maria Islands is The Reef Beach Cafe, which has a menu full of Creole food. The Reef Beach Cafe is a brief distance away, but far-removed enough that you might want to arrange for using some means of transport to get there. Also within a short distance, you will have eateries including Bernard Piltie and Flavours Ice Cream & Restaurant so hopefully, at least one of these nearby picks will appease the whole entire party.

Nearby Attractions

There are some other attractions in the area, including Vieux Fort Lighthouse, which is one and an eighth miles away the vicinity of Vieux Fort. Furthermore, you can consider making the trip to Independence Square, which is another attraction nearby.

A wildlife reservation is one type of attraction you can visit, but there's even more to see during your stay. The following table includes other attractions close-by.

Attractions Near Maria Islands
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Vieux Fort Lighthouse Other Attraction 1.1 mi. (2.0 km) SW 1.2 mi. South-Southeast of Vieux Fort
Independence Square -- 1.5 mi. (0.5 km) W Downtown Vieux Fort
Morne Le Blanc Trail Other Activities/Excursions 3.9 mi. (4.5 km) WNW 2.8 mi. Northwest of Vieux Fort
La Tille Waterfall GeoFeature 7.2 mi. (9.7 km) N 6.0 mi. South of Dennery

More Information


There are no set visiting hours of the Maria Islands, tours of the islands are available by reservation only.

Tours of Maria Island are generally unavailable between the months of May and August so that the migratory birds can use the time to nest in peace. This time frame is not a set one, and depends entirely upon the birds.


The use of cigarettes, alcohol, knives, machetes, matches, lighters, flammable liquids, fires, and loud noises are strictly prohibited on Maria Islands. It is unlawful to remove anything from the islands, and littering is severely frowned upon.

Location: the vicinity of Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia



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