Virgin Gorda Accomodation Options

Thanks to the shopping in Spanish Town and the Baths in the Valley, Virgin Gorda is a favorite destination for tourists in the Caribbean. The island itself is the second most populous in the British Virgin Islands, yet what visitors encounter is still a sleepy isle with a laid back vibe. The available accommodations, though there are enough for a bit of variety, all tend to embrace island life and offer "no muss, no fuss" attitudes.


Bitter End Yacht Club

There are multiple hotel types to pick from on the island, including two hotels and some resorts. If you plan on soaking up some sun next to the pool, there are some properties to pick from that have great swimming facilities. Read more info about them by clicking the names.

A popular vacation destination with active recreation on-site is Rosewood Little Dix Bay. Rosewood Little Dix Bay is an upscale boutique resort that was ranked in 2013 by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the Top Hotels in the Caribbean. This unparalleled resort has it all - fine dining, a luxury day spa, and beautifully furnished beachfront rooms, suites and villas - all neatly tucked away in its own little corner of the Caribbean. If you want to call ahead of time, do so at (284) 495-5555.

An excellent option for those interested in accommodations on Virgin Gorda is Leverick Bay Resort & Marina. Leverick Bay Resort and Marina offers a relaxing locale to enjoy their Virgin Islands getaway. The resort is located on a hillside, which affords guests magnificent views of the North Sounds, the Caribbean Sea, and nearby Mosquito Island. To talk to them, call (284) 495-7421.

Saba Rock Resort: Saba Rock Resort is one of the most unique properties in the world located in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. From the moment you step off the plane and into the boat that ferries you to Saba Rock, you enter into another world. If you want to call ahead, you can do so at (284) 495-7711.

Needless to say, you can find additional hotels. Use this link to see our article concerning hotels on Virgin Gorda.

Condos and Villa Complexes

Aquamare Estate

Guests can also find non-standard hotel lodging options on the island, including a condominium building and a nice variety of villa complexes.

If you and your family prefer staying at a exclusive property, Mango Bay Resort is probably a nice place to start your search. There are six resort villas and three luxury villas to choose from at Mango Bay Resort. They may be rented as a whole unit or as individual suites. To talk to them, call (284) 495-5672.

For guests seeking to book an accommodation with a lively bar and club scene, Nail Bay Resort Community is one destination you may want to consider. A phenomenal offering of accommodation and amenity choices await the guest at Nail Bay. From single bedroom efficiency apartments to five bedroom villas, and every possible combination of bedrooms and unit type (apartments, villas, suites) on every elevation (ground level to upper deck), any guest will easily find accommodations that fit their lifestyle, needs, and budget. If you want to call before making reservations, you can do so at (284) 494-8000.

Those who prefer staying at a high-end property, Oil Nut Bay is probably a good spot to start looking. A unique collection of villas and suites dot the property of Oil Nut Bay, all decorated with fine, elegant furnishings done by FENDI Casa, and featuring between two and six bedrooms. If you have questions and want to call in advance, do so at (284) 393-1000.

Needless to say, there will be a full range villa complexes. Take advantage of this page dedicated to these types of accommodations on the island if you're interested in learning some more specifics.

You will be able to see all of the accommodations available for the BVI by clicking here.

Camping and Eco-Tourism Near Virgin Gorda

Visitors hoping to get close to nature should check out the one eco-tourism property near Virgin Gorda. The single property is Cooper Island Beach Club.

Cooper Island Beach Club is one property found on Cooper Island, South West of Virgin Gorda. At the opposite end of the spectrum from the all-inclusive five-star spa resort, Cooper Island Beach Club offers a friendly and informal atmosphere for the eco-conscious traveler. The beachfront restaurant, rum bar, gourmet coffee shop and new boutique are also very popular with the yachting crowd who moor in the bay each evening. To contact them, call (284) 495-9084.

Eco-Accommodations Near Virgin Gorda
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Cooper Island Beach Club Eco resort (284) 495-9084


7.4 mi. East-Southeast of Central downtown Road Town Cooper Island

Individual Villas

Some always favor the seclusion offered by one of the individual villa rentals. Those needing to obtain more information concerning the private rental properties on Virgin Gorda by clicking on this link.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Some people like the reassurance of an all-inclusive price. There are several explanations why this pricing method is popular. For instance, they sidestep the need to figure out what everything is going to cost.

For active guests who like taking part in various outdoor activities, Bitter End Yacht Club is one of those locations that offers plenty of recreational opportunities. Claiming to be the Caribbean's premiere luxury water sports resort, the Bitter End Yacht Club is the ideal destination for traveling families, romancing couples and anyone looking for a paradise escape. The resort is situated on Virgin Gorda and boasts a mile of shore-front property. If you want to call before making reservations, you can do so at (284) 494-2746.

A destination along the waterfront that travelers often enjoy is Aquamare Estate. A collection of three luxury villas makes up the accommodations at this estate property, where guests are treated to an unparalleled vacation of pampering and seclusion. Guests will find them on Plum Bay Road .

If you're interested, find more details about all-inclusive properties on this page.


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