Attractions on Virgin Gorda

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The pace of life on Virgin Gorda is a little slower than what you're probably used to back home, and your every day activities will almost always take place outdoors.  Aside from the highly sought after attraction in Spanish Town called The Baths, there are several other beaches along the south coast worth checking out, in addition to several national parks.  Otherwise, tourists tend to spend their days diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, and bar-hopping. 


The Baths

You'll find an abundance of beaches to consider visiting on the island. Snorkeling is available at some of these beaches, for vacationers who enjoy this relaxing pastime. Just click on each beach name for more detail concerning that beach.

If you are hoping to snorkel, a location providing that option is The Baths. The Baths, with its maze of random sea pools and canopy of exquisite boulders is a site that should not be missed. Wandering through the waters and trying to find a way out is always a fun adventure.

Another good option for visitors who enjoy snorkeling is Vixen Point. Located on Prickly Pear Island, Vixen Point is a great spot for many of the more popular beach time activities like beach combing, snorkeling, and swimming. Vixen is the most popular beach on the island, and can be very crowded when a cruise ship is nearby.

Leverick Bay: Leverick Bay is a sparkling velvet sand beach sitting adjacent to a handful of villas and rental properties. A pier is on the south side of the beach, after which the beach gets gray and rockier.

Luckily, you'll find plenty of additional beaches on the island. To read our detailed page about beaches, click here.

Historical Sites

In case you enjoy exploring the historical roots of foreign countries, you might enjoy visiting a few of these historical sites during your stay.

Little Fort Ruins is a historical site on the edge of Virgin Gorda. The property covers 36 acres on a hillside and includes a small fort, a masonry, and a munitions store. All are in ruins and the entirety of the site is completely undeveloped.

Another common landmark for vacationers is Copper Mine Ruins. It is found within Copper Mine National Park and found in southwestern Virgin Gorda. Surrounding the ruin of the mine itself are granite rock outcroppings and quartz, tin copper, clay, and feldspar deposits. Also included here are the ruins of the housing area of the Cornish miners that kept the mine in operation.

Check the table below for a listing of historical sites on the island.

Historic Sites On Virgin Gorda
Name Phone Location
Copper Mine Ruins (284) 852-3650 1.1 mi. South-Southeast of Central Spanish Town
Little Fort Ruins (284) 852-3650 0.3 mi. West-Southwest of Central Spanish Town
Old Methodist Church -- 0.2 mi. East-Northeast of Central Spanish Town

Natural Attractions

Copper Mine National Park

Assuming you enjoy natural surroundings are likely to enjoy visiting Copper Mine National Park. <p>Copper Mine National Park was originally used by the Spanish in the 16th century, though evidence exists that suggest the indigenous people of Virgin Gorda may have built mines even earlier. Mining was done at this spot on and off until 1867, and the ruins that exist today were built in 1838. The mines were rarely profitable and left to the elements, which has taken its toll on the structures here. Tourists enjoy touring these haunting ruins as well as the view of the ocean that is truly something to behold.</p>

Little Fort National Park is another local site worth considering. <p>Justin behind an old post office in Fort Point are the ruins of a small fort that is not easily accessed by those who don't know the area. Established as a national park in 1978, it was done in order to protect local wildlife.</p>

Luckily, you can find quite a few other natural attractions. For more in formation concerning natural attractions on and around Virgin Gorda, click here.


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