Virgin Gorda Taxis

Hail a cab and tour Virgin Gorda with other tourists who are excited to be there as you are

Whether it is from the airport to the rental car agency or from the ferry docks to your hotel, Virgin Gorda's taxis serve as a very valuable resource to tourists who have just landed on the island.

Fares can add up quickly, so you may not want to make them your primary source of transportation, though you certainly can if you have the inclination. Taxis are especially useful for tourists who will spend the majority of their stay at a resort and only leave for the occasional excursion.

Taxi Companies

Taxis on Virgin Gorda are vans that can seat numerous riders at once, and are often colored according to which company runs them. Another way you can discern taxis from other vans is the letters “TX” on the license plate. When you see those letters, you know the vehicle you are stepping into is properly licensed and should follow local taxi legislation.

If you happen to be stuck in a place where you can't seem to find a taxi, call one of the companies found below.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
L & S Garage Taxi (284) 495-5297 South Valley - Virgin Gorda
Valley Taxi Association (284) 495-5994 The Valley - Virgin Gorda
Virgin Gorda Transport (284) 495-5240 The Valley - Virgin Gorda

Rates, Fares, and Fees

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The government of the British Virgin Islands has created a chart of set rates that detail how much a person will pay to ride in a taxi based upon where the cab is traveling to and from, as well as how many passengers are in the vehicle. The more people in the taxi, the less each passenger pays.

You may be charged a predetermined rate instead of a flat fee, such as what you see on the chart below. This tariff takes into account how many miles are traveled as well as how many riders are in the vehicle.

Virgin Gorda Taxi Fares by Distance
DistanceSingle RiderFare Per Person for Double RiderFare Per Person for Three or More
1 Mile $3.00 (USD) $3.00 (USD) $3.00 (USD)
3 Miles $8.00 (USD) $5.00 (USD) $4.00 (USD)
5 Miles $14.00 (USD) $9.00 (USD) $7.00 (USD)
10 Miles $28.00 (USD) $17.00 (USD) $14.00 (USD)
15 Miles $42.00 (USD) $26.00 (USD) $21.00 (USD)
20 Miles $56.00 (USD) $35.00 (USD) $28.00 (USD)
25 Miles $70.00 (USD) $45.00 (USD) $35.00 (USD)

There are a few miscellaneous charges that riders should be aware of. For example, if you place more than one piece of luggage in the trunk of the taxi, you'll pay $1(USD) per parcel. Pets can ride in the vehicle so long as they are properly contained, and it will cost an additional $15(USD). Drivers are happy to stop somewhere and wait on you for free for 15 minutes, but after that you will be charged an additional $10(USD) per 15 minutes. Additionally, rates go up by 30 percent between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Want to know about local taxi rates? Look at this info.

Typical Fares Around Virgin Gorda
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 7.00 Spanish Town Copper Mine National Park
$ 30.00 Spanish Town Leverick Bay
$ 5.00 Spanish Town Virgin Gorda Ferry Docks
$ 22.00 Leverick Bay Nail Bay
$ 20.00 Spanish Town Nail Bay
$ 12.00 - $ 13.00 Spanish Town Virgin Gorda Peak National Park
$ 5.00 Spanish Town Virgin Gorda Airport
$ 6.00 Spanish Town Devil's Bay National Park
$ 31.00 Leverick Bay Devil's Bay National Park
$ 30.00 Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda Ferry Docks
$ 18.00 Leverick Bay Savannah Bay
$ 6.00 Spanish Town Savannah Bay
$ 30.00 Leverick Bay Virgin Gorda Airport

In addition to offering transportation, taxis on Virgin Gorda can also serve as your tour guide. You can reserve a taxi guide for up to four hours, and he or she will take you around the island and discuss important aspects of the landscape, the island's culture, and history. They will also make stops, such as at the Baths, which is the most important tourist attraction on the island. The following chart details how much you'll spend for a taxi island tour.

Virgin Gorda Taxi Tour Fee
Party Size1 Hour Tour2 Hour TourThree Hour TourFour Hour Tour
Single or Double Rider $55.00 (USD) $110.00 (USD) $165.00 (USD) $220.00 (USD)
Three Riders $70.00 (USD) $130.00 (USD) $190.00 (USD) $250.00 (USD)
Four Riders $85.00 (USD) $150.00 (USD) $215.00 (USD) $280.00 (USD)
Five Riders $100.00 (USD) $170.00 (USD) $240.00 (USD) $310.00 (USD)
Each Additional Rider $15.00 (USD) $20.00 (UDS) $25.00 (USD) $30.00 (USD)

If your driver is exceptional, feel free to tip him or her as a thank you. The going rate for tipping on Virgin Gorda is 15 percent, plus an extra dollar or two per bag in the trunk.

There are several options available for tourists who need to move from place to place on Virgin Gorda, but taxis offer the convenience of having someone who is knowledgeable in local rules of the road pick you up and drop you off where you need to go and all you have to do is hop on and pay up.


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