Accommodations on Water Island

Although it's gained prominence as the "fourth" U.S. Virgin Island, Water Island is not a major overnight tourism destination. Rather, it's a friendly residential community located just off the coast of St. Thomas. With a year-round population of about 200 residents and no major hotels, if you want to spend some time on Water Island, your options are limited to renting a house, staying in a camping facility, or selecting from the much wider array of accommodations on St. Thomas and commuting by ferry.


Best Western Emerald Beach Resort

You'll be able to find multiple accommodation types to pick from near the island, including a bed & breakfast and a pair of resorts. Click on each link to read more details.

One place located on the oceanfront worth mentioning is Best Western Emerald Beach Resort. Located on beautiful Lindbergh Bay, the Best Western Emerald Beach Resort is a romantically styled getaway featuring Polynesian architecture. The secluded beachfront setting is perfect for couples or travelers seeking privacy. Visitors will find them at 8070 Lindbergh Bay.

Another property worth considering is Island Beachcomber Hotel. The Island Beachcomber Hotel is a family-operated private hotel located on Lindbergh Beach on St. Thomas Island. The resort offers a relaxed lifestyle, and sits only steps away from the beach. Visitors will be able to find them at 8071 Lindberg Beach Road.

Water Island has some other choices too. To find out more about nearby hotels, visit this page.

Condos and Villa Complexes

Point Pleasant Resort

Although you won't see any on the island, you'll be able to find non-hotel booking options near Water Island. These include a pair of condominiums and some villa complexes. Click on each link to read further details.

Tennis enthusiasts often enjoy staying at Point Pleasant Resort, as they offer some nice tennis facilities. Suites and villas are available at Point Pleasant Resort, from Junior Suites to Two-Bedroom Villas. All rooms have a view of the ocean except the Junior Suites, which offer a view of the ocean or a garden view. You can find them at 6600 Estate Smith Bay.

Hull Bay Cottages: Guests may choose to stay in a cottage or apartment, though all have queen-sized beds, cable television, beach chairs, and rattan or bamboo furniture paired with tropical patterned furnishings. The apartments have kitchenettes and living rooms that lead out onto the deck. If you're looking for something specific, try calling them at (340) 774-7252.

Water Island has additional choices too. Click this link to view our page about these types of accommodations within reach of Water Island.

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Camping and Eco-Tourism On Water Island

Virgin Island Campground

Nature lovers might want to take a look at the one eco-tourism property on the island. Alongside the usual accommodation choices, you can find an eco-lodge.

Vacationers wanting to stay on Water Island will be interested in choices like Virgin Island Campground. Virgin Island Campground is a unique environmentally friendly resort that uses wind-power to power its wood-frame and canvas cabins. There cabins provide guests with a greater immersion into nature while still providing the comforts of a home like electricity and comfortable beds. For customers who want to call ahead, you can do so at (340) 776-5488.

Eco-Accommodations On Water Island
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Virgin Island Campground Lodge (340) 776-5488


Central Water Island Water Island

Individual Villas

Some would rather have the independence offered by one of the privately rented villas. Those wanting to get more details concerning the private rental properties near Water Island on this page.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

Though only nearby properties provide all-in-one pricing, some travelers still like the convenience of paying for everything on a single bill. There are many reasons why these plans are so popular. For example, they let you dodge the need to prepare a detailed budget. The choices below are the only all-inclusive properties available nearby.

If you're organizing for a special occasion, or if you're traveling as a large contingent, think about a group-friendly property like Bolongo Bay Beach Resort. Privately-owned and passed down through the generations, Bolongo Bay Beach Resort makes guests feel like part of the extended family. Superior service and all-inclusive packages take care of everything for one rate, so guests can simply lounge and relax. Guests will be able to find them at 7150 Bolongo.

A destination on the oceanfront to consider is Dreams Sugar Bay Resort & Spa. Every room at the Dreams Sugar Bay Resort & Spa has its own private balcony for viewing the resort, bay, or ocean, depending on the guest's choice and desires. One-bedroom suites and special "Clear Air Rooms" are also available. You will find them at 6500 Estate Smith Bay.

All-inclusive lodgings offer food and other amenities for one flat price; however, other inclusions may vary. Avoid surprises -- investigate to confirm what's actually included in each all-inclusive package.


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