Activities on Water Island

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At just over 490 acres and home to around 200 residents, Water Island is the smallest and most secluded of the US Virgin Islands. You don't travel here for excitement, instead, your goal will likely be kicking back and relaxing away from other busy tourist destinations.  Daily activities may take you from a hike in the hills to kayaking; fishing and pleasure sailing are the most popular pastimes of all.  

Bike and Scooter Rental

This small island is a hotspot for those looking to simply enjoy the outdoors. Renting a bike or scooter can be the best choice for this, while also allowing you to easily explore the entire island.

If you like the idea of sightseeing at a more leisurely pace, there are 5 businesses that can help make it happen. To learn more about bike and scooter rentals, check out this page.


Water Island has quite a few high quality dive sites that attract tourist from the United States and the world. Additionally, its proximity to St. Thomas makes it a convenient destination, while its distance is a welcome change for many frequent tourist.

You'll find a couple of dive operators and at least 7 good dive sites to choose from. For more details about scuba diving in this area visit this page.


Water Island offers all the prime fishing spots of St. Thomas without all the crowds, perfect for the tourist looking for a more relaxed location.

If your group enjoys fishing you might be happy to discover there are a few charter fishing services in this area. To read a more detailed discussion of the closest fishing options, use this link.


The USVI Golf

Enjoy playing golf? There are two golf courses in the area. The area courses are Mahogany Run Public Golf Course and Herman E. Moore Golf Course. Simply click on the name of the course to read a detailed article concerning the course, including the location, number of holes, and a lot more. Click on this link to see our article about golf courses throughout the USVI.

Sailing and Boating

The USVI Sailing and Boating

The chart right below provides you with more details concerning local providers that can help you get out on the water.

Boating Opportunities Near Water Island
Name Phone Location Island
Cool Boats (340) 344-6812 0.8 mi. West of Central Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas
Fury Sailing Charters (340) 643-7733 Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas
St. Thomas Scuba Snorkel Adventures Boating (340) 474-9332 2.5 mi. Northwest of Central Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas
Swashbucklin Tours (340) 244-8600 2.5 mi. Northwest of Central Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas
Tribal VI Day Sails (340) 998-7767 2.2 mi. West of Central Charlotte Amalie Water Island

If you're interested in learning about nearby marinas and charter operators navigate to this page.


St. Thomas Historical Trust

Another great activity for visitors is simply enjoying the area's sights and natural beauty. Area sights include 9 historic sites and various other attractions of interest to visitors Nature enthusiasts will frequently enjoy visiting the area's outdoor parks and botanical gardens. To see our detailed guide to attractions, read this page.

Take a moment to read the table just below to read more about a firm that will help you have a great time enjoying the local sights.

Sightseeing Services Near Water Island
Name Type Phone Location
Ecotours Hassel Island Nature Tourism Service (340) 779-2155 Frenchtown
St. Thomas Scuba Snorkel Adventures Hiking Hiking Tour and Trip Operator (340) 474-9332 2.5 mi. Northwest of Central Charlotte Amalie
St. Thomas Scuba Snorkel Adventures Kayaking Kayaking Service (340) 474-9332 2.5 mi. Northwest of Central Charlotte Amalie


If you enjoy looking at fish you'll be pleased to know you can easily find places to do so within easy reach of Water Island. Anyone needing to find more details about opportunities to go snorkeling by visiting this page.


Enjoying a spa could be one of the highlights of your vacation. If a visit to the spa sounds like fun, you will be happy to learn there are two in this area. Visit this page concerning nearby spas if you want to learn additional information.


Dreams Sugar Bay Resort & Spa

If you enjoy playing tennis your best bet is to make your reservations at a hotel with a tennis court. Fortunately, there are 3 properties in the area that offer tennis.

The following list can help with your decision making process. At a glance, you can see the number of courts on-site, whether lights are available for evening play, and some other details. Click on each name to read more about the property.

Accommodations with Tennis Near Water Island
Property Location Tennis Courts Lit Courts Tennis Pro
Dreams Sugar Bay Resort & Spa 1.3 mi. East of Central Anna's Retreat 3 check
Magens Point Resort 1.5 mi. Northeast of Central Charlotte Amalie 2 check
Sapphire Village Condominiums 1.9 mi. East-Northeast of Central Maroon Town 4

For instance, Dreams Sugar Bay Resort & Spa offers all-inclusive pricing, to help simplify your vacation.

Other Activities

The following chart lists some key facts regarding other activities.

Other Activities Near Water Island
Name Type Phone Location
Aqua Adventure Watersports Operator (340) 777-3549 Frenchtown
Market Square East Theater Movie Theater (340) 776-3666 0.2 mi. South-Southwest of Central Charlotte Amalie
Reichhold Center Concert Halls and Performing Arts Centers (340) 693-1559 3.0 mi. West of Central Charlotte Amalie

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