Scuba Diving Near Water Island

One of the main attractions of Water Island is a scuba diving site called Supermarket Reef.  It is also sometimes referred to as Limestone Reef thanks to its location in Limestone Bay, where divers will experience coral that forms in rows heading towards the island rather than along the shore, which make them appear like the aisles in a supermarket. 

You'll find at least 7 interesting dive sites and some dive shops to choose from.

Dive Shops

The dive shops available are summarized in the following table.

Dive Shops Near Water Island
Name Phone Location
Admiralty Dive Center (340) 777-9802 Charlotte Amalie
Water World Outfitters (340) 774-3737 Charlotte Amalie

Dive Sites

The following chart summarizes a few details regarding some of the area's major dive sites.

Dive Sites Near Water Island
Name Latitude Longitude
Aaron's Barge 18.3235659339 -64.9740460703
Aron's Barge Dive 18.3261736761 -64.9717283249
Kennedy Dive 18.3088995791 -64.9399709702
Limestone 18.3113436897 -64.9640897104
Limestone Dive Site 18.3100811171 -64.9627590179
Sprat Dive 18.3144400732 -64.9391988108
Western Cities Dive 18.2980616479 -64.9706554413

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