Restaurant & Cafe Gouverneur de Rouville

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Restaurant & Cafe Gouverneur de Rouville is set in a beautifully restored building in the heart of Willemstad. Here, guests are treated to friendly service and a menu of international favorites.

Restaurant & Cafe Gouverneur de Rouville

Restaurant & Cafe Gouverneur de Rouville focuses on serving fine International cuisine to patrons among a lively and historic location. All their meals are prepared to the highest quality, and despite their Italian foundation, do often include a bit of Curacao flair. For those looking for more than just a flair, there is a also a few authentic Curacao dishes on the menu.

One of the more prominent parts of the restaurant is actually is bar, the Motown Soul Bar. Styled to the old Motown classics as well as Reggae and other similar music genres, this bar is an exciting place to grab a drink, including the special Gouverneur Beer.

Restaurant & Cafe Gouverneur de Rouville specializes in both Caribbean and International cuisines. This eatery is open for both dinner and lunch, so make time to stop by; you could find a new favorite food.


The spectacular view of ships sailing in and out of the harbor is one of the draws of Restaurant & Café Gouverneur de Rouville. Surrounded by a number of other historic buildings, Gouverneur de Rouville offers a timeless ambiance.


Positioned in the heart of downtown Willemstad, It is on de Rouvilleweg 9-F, Otrobanda.

Tourists can combine their restaurant visit with some excellent local sightseeing possibilities by heading to one of the many area attractions nearby, like Kura Hulanda Museum.

People who dine here also enjoy the selection of outdoor activities in the area. Tourists who've only dreamed about playing in such a beautiful location might want to hop over to this restaurant's closest located golf facility, Curacao Golf and Squash Club, which is located within traveling distance of Restaurant & Cafe Gouverneur de Rouville. For those who want a mix of excitement and leisure, trek over to Avila Beach, which is the most nearby beach and is only one and a quarter miles away. Also, these two are just a couple of the beaches, courses, and outdoor pursuits in the surrounding area.

Nearby Restaurants

For those looking to find another local restaurant with some similar menu items or comparable prices, there are several nearby places to choose from, including Jacob's Bar and Terrace. It is found about a hundred yards from Restaurant & Cafe Gouverneur de Rouville.

Then of course, if you want a change of pace, this region of Curacao has a large selection of food and beverage establishments, which serve cuisine styles ranging from the familiar to the exotic. For instance, you can try the food offered by Museum Kura Hulanda Restaurant.

Hours and Other Info

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, while the bar is open quite a bit later. If you are coming primarily for drinks, keep in mind that the Happy Hour is from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

Contact Info

Location: de Rouvilleweg 9-F, Otrobanda, Otrabanda, Curacao

Phone: (999) 462-5999




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