Natural Attractions in Willemstad

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Nature Preserves and Hiking

Do you want to spend time out in the fresh air? You might be pleased to know the area has a pair of nature preserves nearby.

Curacao Marine Park is a popular nature preserve situated 9.8 mi. Southeast of central Willemstad. Stretching from the Breezes Hotel to the eastern tip of the island is this unofficially protected area. Currently, the law does not make it a designated marine preserve, but they are working towards that goal and continue to remain vigilant in keeping the area pristine.

Nature Preserves and Hiking Near Willemstad
Name Type Location Island
Curacao Marine Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 9.8 mi. Southeast of Central Willemstad Curacao


Hato Caves

Although most travelers come for the beaches, those aren't the only way to experience the natural beauty of the land. Willemstad offers some interesting options, including two caves.

You might want to visit Hato Caves, which is located within northern Willemstad. At 200 thousand years old, the Hato Caves were made accessible to the public in 1991 when foot paths were carved into the ground. Now this spot, which is the biggest cave on the island, is also one of the most popular natural attractions.

The table right below provides more information on the caves.

Caves In Willemstad
Name Type Location
Hato Caves Cave 5.2 mi. North of Central Willemstad
Kueba Di Hato Cave 5.2 mi. North of Central Willemstad


Guests can visit a park in Willemstad.

Parks In Willemstad
Name Type Location Island
Saliña Fiesta Park Park 3.0 mi. East of Central Willemstad Curacao

Zoos and Aquariums

Curacao Ostrich Farm

If the idea of passing some time with interesting animals sounds like fun, you should visit Curacao Ostrich Farm. One of the most unique natural attractions in the Caribbean is the Curacao Ostrich Farm, where you can learn about and interact with the long-necked bird.

Another related option is Curacao Sea Aquarium. Sea Aquarium allows visitors the opportunity to view a variety of sea life, and tours and presentations are available. Some opportunities to touch the creatures are even presented.

Review the following table for more information about what's available.

Zoos and Aquariums In and Around Willemstad
Name Type Location
Curacao Ostrich Farm Zoo 6.8 mi. East of Central Willemstad
Curacao Sea Aquarium Aquarium 2.7 mi. Southeast of Central Willemstad


Aloe Vera Plantation

If the thought of spending some time on a tropical plantation captures your imagination, you really should consider visiting Aloe Vera Plantation. Curacao is a leading producer in aloe vera, and visitors can take some time to explore one of the production plants and garden from which aloe vera is harvested. This Aloe Vera Plantation in particular focuses on keeping eco-friendly practices.

Plantations Near Willemstad
Name Type Location Island
Aloe Vera Plantation Plantation 6.1 mi. East of Central Willemstad Curacao

Land Formations

Another idea is to visit some of the more interesting area land formations. Other types of natural attractions in Willemstad are summarized directly below.

Land Formations In Willemstad
Name Type Location Island
Oswaldo's Dropoff Reef 1.5 mi. Southeast of Downtown Willemstad None
Port of Willemstad Harbour Downtown Willemstad Curacao

If you would prefer having a wider range of points of interest beyond what's offered on this page, you should look farther afield. Those wanting to find more details about other attractions here.


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