Natural Attractions in Willemstad

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Nature Preserves and Hiking

Do you enjoy spending time under the open sky? You may be happy to learn the area has two different nature preserves nearby.

Curacao Marine Park is a nature preserve located 9.8 mi. Southeast of central Willemstad. The marine park was established in 1983 and is well-known for its great snorkeling, diving and educational opportunities. Here, visitors may encounter sea turtles, rays, sharks, barracudas, more than 350 species of fish, and 65 species of coral.

Nature Preserves and Hiking Near Willemstad
Name Type Location Island
Curacao Marine Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 9.8 mi. Southeast of Central Willemstad Curacao


Hato Caves

Even though most travelers have heard about the beaches, those aren't the only way to enjoy the natural wonders available. Willemstad offers some interesting choices, including a couple of caves.

You should consider visiting Hato Caves, which is located in northern Willemstad. Within the Hato Caves visitor will see a collection of limestone formations, the statue of Maria holding her child, and a water pool. Several tours are available, including the Hato Cave Tour, which is a 45 minute guided walk trough the cave which leaves daily at 4:00 p.m.

The chart right below provides more details concerning caves.

Caves In Willemstad
Name Type Location
Hato Caves Cave 5.2 mi. North of Central Willemstad
Kueba Di Hato Cave 5.2 mi. North of Central Willemstad


Visitors can visit a park in Willemstad.

Parks In Willemstad
Name Type Location Island
Saliña Fiesta Park Park 3.0 mi. East of Central Willemstad Curacao

Zoos and Aquariums

Curacao Ostrich Farm

If the idea of spending some time with interesting animals sounds like fun, consider visiting Curacao Ostrich Farm. One of the most unique natural attractions in the Caribbean is the Curacao Ostrich Farm, where you can learn about and interact with the long-necked bird.

Another similar attraction is Curacao Sea Aquarium. As an island, it is easy to understand why marine life is such an important subject. The Curacao Sea Aquarium is more than your typical aquarium.

Check the chart below for more information about what's available.

Zoos and Aquariums In and Around Willemstad
Name Type Location
Curacao Ostrich Farm Zoo 6.8 mi. East of Central Willemstad
Curacao Sea Aquarium Aquarium 2.7 mi. Southeast of Central Willemstad
Parrot Paradise Zoo Willemstad


Aloe Vera Plantation

If the thought of spending some time on a tropical plantation sounds intriguing, you should visit Aloe Vera Plantation. The Aloe Vera Plantation offer visitors plenty of information on the plant, and the process by which it becomes the popular creams. When visiting, you will watch a short video showing the production, and will be able to ask staff questions. Additionally, you will be able to browse the gift shop where you can purchase a number of aloe related products.

Plantations Near Willemstad
Name Type Location Island
Aloe Vera Plantation Plantation 6.1 mi. East of Central Willemstad Curacao

Land Formations

Another fun idea is to visit some of the more popular area land formations. Fully natural attractions like these in Willemstad are summarized in the table below.

Land Formations In Willemstad
Name Type Location Island
Oswaldo's Dropoff Reef 1.5 mi. Southeast of Downtown Willemstad None
Port of Willemstad Harbour Downtown Willemstad Curacao

If you want to learn about a wider variety of attractions beyond what's offered on this page, you can think about other possibilities. Click here to view our discussion of other interesting attractions for Willemstad.


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