Quiznos Salinja Galleries

Quiznos originated in Denver, Colorado and quickly spread throughout the United States. Not long after that, the sub shop became an international success, proof of which is found at the location on Curacao.


Quizno's specializes in submarine sandwiches, but also serves soups and salads.

Quiznos Salinja Galleries is a popular fast food restaurant that happens to specialize in American cuisine. The formality level you should expect at this restaurant is very casual. They are open for business during both dinner and lunch, so make time to try it.


Located in downtown Willemstad, It is on Salinja Galleries Unit 101.

This section of Curacao has plenty of cultural and natural attractions, making it a spirited area that's an attraction all its own. Some of the closest options from this particular dining option include The Money Museum Yotin Kortá and Postal Museum, both of which are only a short distance from the restaurant.

Energetic travelers often gravitate toward a full selection of things to do outdoors in the vicinity. Vacationers who consider a day on the fairways relaxing can host a relaxing or serious round at the nearby popular golf club, Curacao Golf and Squash Club, which can be found within traveling distance of Quiznos Salinja Galleries. For those who want a mix of excitement and leisure, trek over to Avila Beach, which is the nearest beach and is only a short distance away away. And happily, those two are only some of the golf courses and beaches nearby.

Nearby Restaurants

For diners trying to find another place to eat with some similar menu items or a comparable price range, there are quite a few nearby options to pick from, including KFC Colon.

However, if you want something different, this section of Curacao boasts an excellent selection of dining establishments that will be sure to satisfy almost every type of diner. For instance, you can try International food at Ay Caramba Cafe, which isn't very far away.

Credit Cards and Other Info

With the low cost of $5 to $10, Quiznos offers some tasty sandwiches for cheap.

Quiznos Salinja Galleries accepts major credit cards.

Contact Info

Location: Salinja Galleries Unit 101, Punda, Curacao

Phone: (599-9) 465-7978

Website: https://www.facebook.com/quiznoscur


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