Car Rentals in Willemstad

Renting a car for your stay in Willemstad is a great way to get around

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From the historic forts downtown to the many beaches, there is much to be seen in Willemstad.  While it certainly is possible to use other forms of transportation to do all that you want to do here, renting a car gives you the power to come and go as you please, see the sites on your own time, and it can even be a money saver.

Renting a Car

Thanks to a large presence of international rental agencies at the airport, most visitors will pick up their vehicle as soon as they arrive on the island.  This isn't a necessity, however, because there are several local agencies, like Enjoy Car Rental conveniently located around town.  Most will also deliver the vehicle to you at your hotel for no additional cost. This option is ideal if you only want to rent for a few days of exploring, or if you'd rather not deal with the logistics of renting a car until after you've relaxed at your hotel for a day or two.

Very few agencies will rent out a vehicle to anyone under the age of 25, and you must have a valid driver's license from your country of origin in addition to two years of driving experience.   The type of vehicle you choose to rent will depend on your planned activities.  If you'll be sticking to the city to check out museums and historic sites, a sedan will be just fine, but natural attractions may only be found by driving down rocky, unpaved roads.  Consider renting a sports utility vehicle if you will be heading off the beaten path. 

Check the following chart for many of the vehicle rental agencies located in this area.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Alamo Car Rental Curacao (599-9) 869-4433 Willemstad
Antillean Car Rental (Head Office) (599-9) 461-3144 Willemstad
Avis Hato International Airport (599) 9-839-1500 Hato International Airport - 4.5 mi. (7.3 km) North of Piscadera
Avis Howard Johnson (599) 9-462-7800 Plaza Brion - Willemstad
Avis Mega Pier (599) 9-462-4907 Otrabanda
Avis Willemstad Main Office (599-9) 461-1255 Willemstad
Budget Rent A Car (Airport) (599-9) 839-1300 Curacao Airport - Willemstad
Centraal-Rent-A-Car (599-9) 463-6478 Piscadera Bay
Crazy Car Rental (599-9) 868-9488 Willemstad
Daily Car Rental (599-9) 888-8999 Veeris 99A - Willemstad
Dersie Rent A Car (599-9) 736-8998 Beatrixplein 5 - Punda
Enjoy Car Rental (599) 518-7445 31 Emancipatie Boulevard - Willemstad
Excellent Car Rental (599-9) 510-4244 Pater Euwensweg z/n - Punda
Family Car Rental (599-9) 736-8750 Sabana Hundu Kvl 13 - The vicinity of Willemstad
GTS Car Rental (599-9) 461-0997 Mambo Beach - Punda
Hertz Hato International (599-9) 839-1288 Curacao Airport - Willemstad
Hertz Main Office (999) 888-0088 503 Franklin D Roosevelt - Willemstad
Hertz Superclub Breezes (999) 465-4788 78 Martin Luther King Boulevard - Willemstad
Holiday Rent-A-Car (599-9) 511-6068 Dr. Maalweg 4 - Punda
Holland Car Rental (599-9) 736-6544 Willem de Zwijgerlaan 15 - Willemstad
Horsepower Car Rental N.V. (599-9) 738-2401 Jongbloedweg 50 - Willemstad
Luxery Car Rental (599-9) 888-0088 F.D. Rooseveltweg 503 / Airport - Willemstad
Michel Car Rental (599-9) 888-8878 F.D. Rooseveltweg 348 & Airport - The vicinity of Willemstad
National Car Rental (Airport) (599-9) 839-1311 Curacao Airport - Willemstad
Noordstar Rent A Car (599-9) 737-5616 Reigerweg 24 - Willemstad
Pleasure Rent-A-Car (599-9) 736-0035 / (599-9) 560-8854 / (599-9) 562-5071 Kaya Isaac 33 - The vicinity of Willemstad
Prins Car Rental (599-9) 525-6895 / (599-9) 888-6895 Jannoorduynweg 36 - Willemstad
Radermacher Car Rental (599-9) 738-0264 Snipweg 45 - Willemstad
Rida Rent A Car (599-9) 738-3635 Gosieweg 8A - Willemstad
Ruiz Rent-A-Car (599-9) 737-3184 Wilhelminalaan 11 - Punda

The Cost of Renting a Car

Rates will vary here not only by agency and the type of vehicle you rent, but by season as well.  If you visit Willemstad during the summer, you can expect to save up to 30 percent.  On average, though, you can expect to spend between $40 and $75(USD) a day.  Keep in mind that insurance could be an extra $11 to $15(USD) a day, and there is also a six percent sales tax.  Mileage is unlimited, but drivers are responsible for paying for their own gas.  In some cases, you will be required to provide a credit card number in order to make a reservation.  

Driving in Willemstad

Driving conditions in Willemstad are decent when compared to the rest of the Caribbean, but there is still some work to be done to make driving here easier.  Traffic moves on the right side of the road like in the United States, but speed limits are posted in kilometers per hour.  Expect to see 45 kilometers per hour in highly populated areas, but up to 80 kilometers per hour on rural roads and long stretches of highway.  

A few things to be aware of are that street lamps are rare, which makes driving at night or during a rain storm difficult, and street signs are not always as visible as one would like – plus they are noted in Dutch.  The best course of action is always drive with caution.  Seat belts are required for all persons in the vehicle, and children under the age of 12 must sit in the back seat of the car. If you rent a motorcycle, helmets are required. Right hand turns at red lights are not permitted as they are in the United States. 

Since you may have issues coming across gas stations, see the chart right below to get a picture of where some of them can be found.

Gas Stations
Name Location
Curoil Gas Station Otrabanda
Pomp Station Santa Maria 2.8 mi. (4.5 km) North-Northeast of Piscadera

Rental cars are easy to find, conditions are generally good, and the ability to control your transportation is a huge plus.  Curacao's capital city has much to offer visitors, and most agree that the best way to take advantage of it all is to rent a car.  


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