Xcalak Restaurants

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The restaurants in Xcalak are, for most travelers, unlike anything they would expect to experience back home.  Most housed within alfresco wooden shacks with dirt or sand floors, and not much in the way of décor. But the food speaks for itself and is often as good as any gourmet restaurant you've ever eaten in.

Caribbean and Local

Maya Grill

Guests will encounter a handful of chances to try out local flavors and dishes throughout their time in Xcalak. Mexican and Belizean dishes are a couple of the selections found in the area. Be sure to remember that you can click on the link to each restaurant to read more information.

Maya Grill is located at Hotel Tierra Maya and offers a couple of cuisine options to try, including Caribbean and Continental. A new addition to Hotel Tierra Maya, the Maya Grill is a bar and grill offering superb service and home-cooked meals to guests of the hotel and anyone else who stops by. Reservations are preferred, but everyone is always welcome. If you want to call before you go, you can do so at (800) 480-4505.

Costa de Cocos Restaurant has a couple of specialties to try, including seafood and tacos. The Mexican fare served at Costa de Costas Restaurant compliments the tropical vibe the spot give off. Lobster Mango Pizza is a best seller when in season, shrimp, fish tacos, and fresh ceviches are great as well.

Leaky Palapa Restaurant: A casual and charming little spot near the beach, Leaky Palapa may show its sense of humor in its name, but their cuisine is not lacking.

The chart below presents the 4 relevant choices that are able to be seen while in Xcalak.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Xcalak
Name Location Type Phone Number
Costa de Cocos Restaurant Central Xcalak Mexican --
Leaky Palapa Restaurant 0.4 mi. North of Central Xcalak Mexican --
Maya Grill Central Xcalak Caribbean, Continental (800) 480-4505
Toby's Restaurant 0.0 mi. Southeast of Central Xcalak Belizean (983) 107-5426

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