Taxis in Xcalak

It may be a bit harder to find a taxi in Xcalak than elsewhere in the Mexican Caribbean

Taxis are available in nearly every city, town, and village in Mexico, but they are more plentiful in some places than others. Xcalak is one of the towns where taxis are not so readily available. Still, there are enough driving around that tourists who would like to avoid renting a car can make use of them.


When you do find a taxi on the street in Xcalak, it is usually because they are there dropping someone else off. This means the best places to be on the look out for them are at restaurants, shopping centers, and hotels. Luckily, hailing one on the street is not the only option. It is also possible to call ahead to one of the local taxi companies and have a driver pick you up and your desired location.

The language barrier serves as the largest problem for more tourists taking a taxi here. If you're worried about a miscommunication, write down the name of the destination you're heading to on a piece of paper and give it to your driver. This should help ensure you get where you need to go.

If you get on well with your driver, you can continue to call and ask for him or her to take you around town. You can also hire them for several hour blocks and use them as tour guides that are much less expensive than any group tour you may sign up for, plus you get more personalized experience.


The cost of a taxi ride in Xcalak has been determined in advance of your ride by the local taxi union, which means there will be no need for negotiations, and you'll never have to watch the meter like a hawk. Your rate will very simply depend on where you are departing from and where you are going. You'll find rate cards at the front desk of most hotels, so you can be prepared before you even hop in the cab, but if you can't find one, your driver will most certainly have the rate card on hand. Always make sure to confirm the price so you can be assured you both are aware of the same price.

This table shows some cab fares for this area.

Typical Fares Around Xcalak
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 38.00 - $ 38.50 Costa Maya Xcalak
$ 40.00 Costa Maya Cruise Terminal Xcalak

While you do not have to tip your driver, it is a nice gesture. Ten pesos is the going rate, which amounts to a minimal $0.90(USD).

Although it may be a little more difficult to do in Xcalak than say Cancun or Mexico City, it is perfectly acceptable to plan to rely on taxis during your getaway. Just be sure to budget appropriately and keep the phone numbers of local taxi companies on hand and you should have no trouble getting by.


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