What's Close to Xcalak Caribe Lodge

Nearby Areas

Travelers who'd like some more information about the area's important features might like to know how far away the adjacent city or town is from the property. Xcalak Caribe Lodge is located in the heart of Xcalak.

The following table contains a listing of areas near Xcalak Caribe Lodge:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Mahahual 31.8 N
Costa Maya 33.0 N
Chetumal 35.3 WNW
Santa Elena 39.6 WNW

Nearby Attractions

While there may not be too many attractions located near the lodge, there are some options, like Dolphin Discovery, which is one of the closest ones.

The following table can provide more details about nearby attractions:

Attractions Near Xcalak Caribe Lodge
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Dolphin Discovery Dolphin Encounter Service 33.2 N 33.3 mi. North of Xcalak
Mahahual Lighthouse Lighthouse 32.5 N 32.5 mi. North of Xcalak
Chetumal Lighthouse Lighthouse 33.3 WNW 2.1 mi. Southeast of Chetumal

If you're on the lookout for an enjoyable experience, Dolphin Discovery could be just what the doctor ordered. Swimming with dolphins is a unique opportunity to get close to a large marine animal from the wild. Discover the dynamic personality of this friendly creature in Costa Maya.

Nearby Accommodations

When you're choosing a place to stay, it is often worthwhile to learn more about nearby accommodation options as a means to get a better feel for the region. Even though you'll only find a handful of other hotel and resort options in this part of Mexico, the tranquil surroundings here make it a perfect option for guests looking to find a peaceful retreat. The table that follows provides a list of all the booking options available in the vicinity.

Accommodations near Xcalak Caribe Lodge
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Costa de Cocos 1.3 N 1.3 mi. North of Xcalak, Mexico
Hotel Tierra Maya 1.7 N 1.7 mi. North of Xcalak, Mexico
Casa Paraiso 1.9 N 2.0 mi. North of Xcalak, Mexico
Playa Sonrisa 4.5 N 4.6 mi. North of Xcalak, Mexico
Sin Duda Villas 5.2 NNE 5.2 mi. North-Northeast of Xcalak, Mexico

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