Xpu Ha Air Travel

Your first stop on the way to Xpu Ha will be in Cancun

At this point in time, Xpu Ha remains one of the Mexican Caribbean's undiscovered gems. Although beautiful and interesting in its own right, it is not one of the biggest tourist destinations in the region, and because of this there simply is no need for the town to have its own airport. Fortunately, just over an hour away is one of the best international airports in the region.

Cancun International Airport

Two runways lead to two international and one domestic terminals which are connected by a free shuttle service that brings travelers to one of 68 different gates at the Cancun International Airport (CUN). As you can probably surmise from these stats, this is one of the biggest and busiest airports in Mexico (in fact, it is the second busiest), and officials to a great job keeping the facility running smoothly. From keeping tourists busy to trying to make getting through customs as fast as possible, this is constantly named one of the top airports in the region.

Every major airline in the United States and Canada offers regular service Cancun International Airport and as a result over 14 million passengers arrive and depart from this airport annually. The airport offers a number of services to passengers as they wait, including five sit down restaurants, a dozen or so quick service restaurants, duty free shops, a pharmacy, a convenience store, banks, VIP lounges, a business lounge, a salon and spa, facilities for the disabled, and medical services in the event of an emergency.


As you fly towards to Cancun, you should receive a customs form to fill out while you're still on the plane. When you arrive at the airport, you'll have to make your way through customs and present an official with this form as well as your identification. When you're traveling from most places around the world including the United States you need a passport and sometimes a visa, but those traveling from Canada will need to bring their birth certificate and one other form of picture identification.

From there, you will push a button that will turn a light either green or red. If you get a red light, unfortunately you will need to stay in customs and have your luggage and person further inspected. This completely randomizes the operation, but previous travelers have noted that it appears that about every seventh passenger is stopped.

Flying to Xpu Ha from the Caribbean

Next Stop, Xpu Ha

After arriving in Cancun you have a few options with regards to transportation to Xpu Ha. You can rent a car and take Federal Highway 307, higher an airport transfer service to drive you, or take the bus. Whichever option you choose, you'll spend a little over an hour on the road passing through such popular tourist-driven towns like Puerto Morelos, Playa Del Carmen, and Puerto Aventuras.

Encountering an airport such as Cancun International Airport in the Caribbean is a rare treat, one that is sure to start your relaxing getaway in Xpu Ha off right. You may have to travel another hour or so after arrival, but this will give you the opportunity to see the country side before settling in, yet another bright side to vacationing here.


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