Car Rentals in Xpu Ha

Renting a car for your stay in Xpu Ha could make getting around easier

Located about 45 minutes away from Cancun, many tourists choose to brave foreign roads and drive a rental car from the Xpu Ha to their destination in this lesser known vacation destination. Whether or not you rent a car will depend on a number of factors which you can read about below.

Renting a Car

When it comes to renting a car there are three types of tourists: those who prefer to have a car at their disposal at all times, those who will pick up a vehicle for a day or two of extensive sightseeing, and those who prefer to get through their entire vacation without renting one at all. There are people who visit Xpu Ha that fall into all three categories.

Those who will rent for their entire stay will usually pick up the vehicle as soon as they make it through customs and baggage claim at the airport in Cancun where there is a bank of international chain locations. For those who plan to take a bus or hire an airport transfer to get them to Xpu Ha, they will find that there is one major agency near this destination. Fortunately, they will often deliver the vehicle to your hotel if you arrange this in advance.

Akumal Guide Car Rentals is the only rental service for which we have information. You will be able to call them at (984) 875-9115, otherwise visit them in Akumal, 6.3 mi. south west of Xpu Ha.

If you want a larger selection, it is suggested that you vist the Cancun Rental Car Guide Guide for a more expansive list of companies, as well as some rates.

A word of warning about renting a car in Mexico: always purchase the personal liability insurance offered by the rental agency. This is because you are unfortunately involved in an accident on the road and deemed by the local police to be at fault, you will be taken down to the station and expected to pay in full for the damages then and there, and it must be done with cash. Credit cards are not accepted, and foreign insurances are not accepted either. One of the only things you can do to protect yourself is to use the insurance offered to you by the agency.

Also, as you plan for renting a car, keep in mind the types of roads you'll be driving on. As detailed below, the roads in Xpu Ha are not in great condition, so driving a car with good suspension and four wheel drive is highly recommended.

Rental Rates

The cost of renting a car in and around Xpu Ha will vary significantly due to a number of factors, and the range of prices is large. An economy car with no added features will cost $20(USD) a day at the least, while a fully-loaded van could be up to $150(USD) a day. This does not include the cost of insurance which is from $15 to $25(USD).

You can lower costs by booking your rental as part of a package or visiting during the off-season of tourism. Sometimes booking with a local agency, such as the one nearest Xpu Ha can save you money as well.


Your first experience driving during your vacation is Xpu Ha is on Federal Highway 307 which connects Cancun to the town. This road is a four lane highway during the portion that you'll be driving on to reach your destination that is paved, very well kept, and easy to drive on. Once you exit the road onto Kukulkan Boulevard you'll begin to notice major differences including the fact that some roads here are not even paved. Many are paved but have fallen into disrepair and riddled with potholes. You should also be aware that local law enforcement is quick to pull over foreign drivers for minor offenses and suggest bribery to afford larger fines, so always be sure to stick as close to the speed limit and follow local driving laws to a T.

Pemex Xpu-Ha is the one gas station we were able to get for which we have information. Find this location just outside the heart of Xpu Ha.

If renting a car in Xpu Ha is something you've been considering, knowing a little bit more about the rental process and what it takes to drive here should be helpful in pushing you towards the right decision.


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