Xpu Ha Transportation Options

Transportation is slightly limited in Xpu Ha

The term "get away from it all" may describe the busy life that you leave back home when you visit Xpu Ha, but it also extends to transportation to an extent, as the transportation options in this town as not as plentiful as elsewhere in the region. Xpu Ha is a quiet, picturesque community that thanks to its out of the way appeal means you'll have to spend a little extra time planning for your vacation here.

Getting There

There is no form of transportation that will get you directly to Xpu Ha. When you fly, you'll fly to Cancun; when you sail, you'll have to stop at an official port of call first; and cruise ships dock in either Playa Del Carmen or Cozumel. From each of those locations you can use local ground transportation to move you the rest of the way.

Getting Around

Ground transportation in Xpu Ha is not the best around. Buses only serve to provide transportation between this town and other cities, taxis are few and far between, and the road conditions make it hard to drive. It can be done, though, making renting a car the recommended form of transportation here.

Air Travel

Although you cannot fly directly to Xpu Ha, you can fly to Cancun International Airport which is one of the best airports in the region, and is the second busiest in the country. This airport is so popular that finding a flight here is extremely easy and most people in Canada and the United States will even be able to fly direct. In our guide to Xpu Ha Air Travel you can read about the airport, which airlines arrive there and from where, and even how to continue on to the town from there.


When it comes to sailing as an activity, Xpu Ha is still growing and finding where it fits in along the Caribbean coast of Mexico.  As it stands now, most visitors will head to La Gloria for entertainment purposes.  Those who are sailing to the region for transportation purposes will find that docking is done right along the shore in no real special formation, but that they will first have to stop at a port of entry. You can get more specific details about the process by clicking here.  


Cruising is a popular form of travel in the Caribbean because it allows travelers to stop at several different locations along the way. Xpu Ha is not one of those destinations. Cruise ships do dock in Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel, but it can be time consuming to travel to this spot when you could plan an excursion closer to the ship. Still, if you'd like to visit Xpu Ha, you can do so by renting a car for a few hours, taking the bus, or hiring a taxi. You can read about all of those options below.

Rental Cars

Driving in Xpu Ha can be difficult, but this shouldn't stop everyone from renting a car during their stay. There are a few tips and tricks you can be aware of to make the whole process a little easier, and you can read about them here. Important things to be aware of before you arrive is that the nearest rental agency is located in Puerto Aventuras, which leads many to rent from the agencies at the airport in Cancun before driving to Xpu Ha. There, they will spend anywhere from $20 to $150(USD) a day, plus the cost of insurance, which is highly recommended.


Unfortunately, taxis are not as plentiful in Xpu Ha as they are in some of the surrounding areas. In fact, the nearest listing of a taxi service we could find was in nearby Puerto Aventuras. Taxis do serve as a good way to get from the airport into town, though the price to do this can add up to $100(USD) so it is not the most affordable option out there. Find out what's in store for you when you take a taxi in Xpu Ha taxis.


There is no bus service available in Xpu Ha, but you can use the intercity bus system to get from the airport in Cancun to town. The buses are operated by ADO and are luxury vehicles with air conditioning, comfortable seating, and sometimes they even have WiFi. Buses leave hourly from the airport, heading to Playa Del Carmen where you'll then switch buses and continue on to Xpu Ha. It should cost you about $15(USD) per person and take 90 minutes to two hours to travel.

Although there are limitations to the types of transportation in Xpu Ha, it shouldn't prevent you from planning a getaway in this remote locale. Where there's a will, there's a way, and you'll always be able to make your way around town, even if it means having to plan for transport well in advance.


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