Beaches in Yabucoa

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The charming town of Yabucoa is located a ways inland from the east coast of Puerto Rico which features beaches of the Atlantic Ocean as well as from the south coast which is known for its calm Caribbean Sea shores.  Whichever way you choose to drive to get to a beach will depend on your intended activities.  Because the Atlantic is known for its stronger currents, the east is more suited for watersports, while those interested in a more relaxed day on the sand should head south. 

Which Beaches Are Available?

You'll discover a large selection of beaches to choose from in and around the area. Click on specific beach names to get additional information about that beach.

Maunabo Beach

Emajagua Beach: Coconut palms line the shore of Emajagua Beach, and just behind the trees is a cluster of homes. The sand is a golden color that shines brightly in the sun, and the waters are a deep navy blue.

A second location worth considering is Playa Mala Pascua. A lively family beach where you can barbecue or grab some food from a kiosk in the sand, you'll always gave a good time when you visit.

La Playa Guardarraya: Local families frequent this beach because it is ideally located surrounded by restaurants and grocery stores so you don't have to pack up and bring all your supplies with you -- though with a few free use barbecue grills on site, you certainly can if you want to.

Take a look at the chart below if you want more information.

Beaches In and Around Yabucoa
Name Location Coast
Emajagua Beach 4.8 mi. South-Southwest of Central Yabucoa South East
Humacao Beach 8.7 mi. Northeast of Central Yabucoa East
La Playa Guardarraya Guardarraya, 6.8 mi. South West of Central Yabucoa Southeast
Maunabo Beach 2.9 mi. South of Central Yabucoa South East
Palmas del Mar 6.0 mi. East-Northeast of Central Yabucoa East
Pesquera Beach 8.9 mi. South West of Central Yabucoa South East
Playa Mala Pascua 6.0 mi. South West of Central Yabucoa Southeast
Puerto Yabucoa 4.1 mi. East-Northeast of Central Yabucoa East

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