What's Located Around Hotel Parador Palmas de Lucia

The delightful beaches in Puerto Rico are some of the most enjoyable sights in the region.

If all you can think about is the beach, Hotel Parador Palmas de Lucia is just what you are looking for. This lodging is situated along the water, so tourists can spend every day in the sun if that is what they want to do. The thought of being able to enjoy a day while avoiding groups of tourists around is something to be valued. This beach is known for a low-key and uncrowded environment because it's tucked away from the more populated parts of Puerto Rico.

Nearby Beaches

Naturally, since Hotel Parador Palmas de Lucia is located directly on Puerto Yabucoa, sun bathing is one of the main attractions at this property. With the area known for the rich and fertile soil, you can bet that Puerto Yabucoa is a beach shrouded by a wall of trees (much like the rest of the region). This helps give the beach a much more natural feel than it really is; located just steps from from homes, baseball fields, and other marks of civilization.

Maunabo Beach is probably the most convenient option to visit near Hotel Parador Palmas de Lucia. Nestled between the mountains of southeast Puerto Rico is a sleepy little town known as Maunabo. Within this town there are three beaches: Faro Punta Tuna, Playa Faro, and Los Bohios.

Nearby Areas

Stopping over at a town or community close to your hotel can add to the enjoyment of your vacation, whether you're interested in seeing a famous natural attraction, or finding an incredible local restaurant. Hotel Parador Palmas de Lucia can be found on the eastern part of the island of Puerto Rico, in the general vicinity of Emajagua; it is 2.7 miles to the east of Yabucoa .

The areas found closest to Hotel Parador Palmas de Lucia are listed below.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
El Negro 1.0 W
Yabucoa 2.7 W
Emajagua 4.0 SW
Palmas Del Mar 4.0 NE
Maunabo 4.7 SW
Buena Vista 5.6 NNE
Humacao 7.5 N
downtown Humacao 7.6 N
Guardarraya 8.3 SW

Nearby Attractions

Humacao Wildlife Refuge

Visitors in need of a fun agenda during their trip to Puerto Rico will quickly learn that Hotel Parador Palmas de Lucia is the perfect place for active guests, especially if they plan to take advantage of this busy part of town. There are even a handful of attractions that are very close by the hotel, including Stadio Rosario Francisco Paoli and Punta Tuna Lighthouse. Each of these sites is great for guests lodging at Hotel Parador Palmas de Lucia, but the nearest is Stadio Rosario Francisco Paoli.

Proving that this site has a great location, there are many more attractions nearby, like those named in the following table.

Attractions Near Parador Palmas de Lucia
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Stadio Rosario Francisco Paoli Park 4.7 SW Maunabo
Punta Tuna Lighthouse Lighthouse -- -- 4.0 mi. South of Yabucoa
Humacao Wildlife Refuge Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 7.9 NNE 3.3 mi. East of Humacao
Parque Del Sol Park 11.6 W Patillas
Cancha Ernesto Vaquez Diaz Park 12.1 W Patillas
Parque Angelita Linda Park 12.2 W Patillas
Area Recreativa Real Patillas Park 14.5 W 5.3 mi. Northwest of Patillas
Parque Felipe Diaz Torres Park 14.3 NNW Juncos
Parque De Valenciano Park 14.5 NNW Juncos

If you're looking for a place where you can while away some free time, Punta Tuna Lighthouse could be just what the doctor ordered. Still actively providing light to help water crafts navigate through the dark waters of Puerto Rico at night, the Punta Tuna Lighthouse fell into serious disrepair after the Coast Guard ceased control of it. Today, the light house is being rebuilt, but the project is slow going.

Nearby Accommodations

When choosing a location to stay in, it can often be worthwhile to learn more about nearby lodging options as a means to better understand the surrounding area. Although you'll only find one additional place to stay in this part of Puerto Rico, the tranquil surroundings here ensure that it's an excellent option for guests hoping to enjoy a peaceful getaway.


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