Yabucoa Car Rentals

Choose a vehicle that will have no trouble getting you from one site to the next in Yabucoa

Beaches, ruins, and refineries make up the major attractions in Yabucoa, which means you'll have a bit of exploring to do outdoors during your stay here. This makes a rental car an appropriate choice for transportation and while it is not necessary to rent a sports utility vehicle, it may make getting around easier.


If you're planning on renting a car for your stay in Yabucoa, you'll need to make sure all of your ducks are in a row. Most importantly, you'll need to have a valid driver's license. You'll also need to be at least 21 years old, and have a credit card with sufficient funds available to cover the cost of the rental.

Unfortunately, finding a car rental agency in A typical rental car in Yabucoa can be a little tricky. Tourists will have much better luck if they rent from San Juan and drive to Yabucoa instead.

Take a look at this table which lists the available area rental agencies.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Target Rent a Car (787) 405-1248 Palmas del Mar Yacht Works - Palmas Del Mar
VIAS Car Rental (787) 223-3448 50 Club Cala Drive - Palmas Del Mar
VIAS Car Rental (787) 852-1591 State Road 3 - 2.0 mi. (3.2 km) Northwest of Palmas Del Mar

The Cost of Renting a Car

A typical rental car in Yabucoa costs between $40 and $70(USD) a day base price. If you plan to do a lot of exploring, you'll want to make sure you rent a sports utility vehicle, which will put you on the higher end of the cost scale, though if you plan to spend all of your time at your hotel and on a nearby beach, you may be able to get away with a cheaper sedan. The base price of a rental does not include taxes and fees, or insurance which can cost you another $10(USD) a day. Driver's between the ages of 21 and 24 will had an additional charge of $10 to $25(USD) added to their price a day, and you will also need to be prepared to pay a deposit. The deposit is typically between $300 and $500(USD), and will be held on your credit card until the vehicle is returned.


Road conditions in Yabucoa are considered to be quite good, especially for in the Caribbean where paved roads are not necessarily the norm. Luckily, all of the main roads in town are paved, and have street lamps, road signs, and stop lights. Some of the beaches and more natural attractions may lead you down a dirt road here and there, but for the most part you should find driving in this town to be just like driving in a small city in the United States.

Traffic, for example, moves on the right side of the road and speed limits are posted in miles per hour. Drinking and driving is prohibited while seat belts are mandated, and most of the driving laws are the same. One notable difference is that police officers are required to have their lights on whenever the vehicle is in motion, so just because an officer pulls up behind you with their lights flashing, this does not mean you have committed a traffic violation. Other differences include the fact that gasoline is sold by the liter, and distances are notated in kilometers.

Due to the fact that there happens to be a small selection of gasoline stations within Yabucoa , you should check out the table below for some locations.

Gas Stations
Name Phone Location
Sepulveda Service Station (787) 893-2189 State Road 3 - 1.4 mi. (2.2 km) North of Yabucoa
Alicea Service Station -- 1.1 mi. (1.7 km) East of Yabucoa
Puma Gas Station -- State Road 53 - Yabucoa

Learning a bit about the process of renting a car and what it is like to drive in Yabucoa is helpful as you try and decide if you'll be renting a car during your stay. There is much to recommend it and little to discourage you, so if you're feeling up to getting behind the wheel in a foreign land, the choice is an obvious one.


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