Yabucoa Restaurants

It is beaches, ruins, and otherwise outdoors-y pursuits that keep tourists in Yabucoa busy every day, so when it is time to eat, they show up with big appetites. Local restaurants serve generous portions of Caribbean and Latin-American cuisine, and you'll also encounter a few quick service spots to take a meal with you on the go.

Caribbean and Local

Diners will encounter at least a few chances to enjoy local flavors and dishes throughout their time in Yabucoa . Caribbean and Mexican dishes are two of the more popular choices you'll find in the area. Remember that you can click on the link to each restaurant to read more information.

El Nuevo Horizonte is a grill found in the heart of Yabucoa . Fresh seafood like lobster mussels, clams, and shrimp are the most popular items on the menu, with paella coming in a close second. Of course, you can't overlook the stuffed mofongo. They are located on Route 901.

A notable restaurant in the vicinity you might like is La Cueva Del Juey. Specializing in all things crab, La Cueva Del Juey is a popular seafood restaurant for folks looking for good food and a good time.

Be sure to go through the collection down below if you want to see all the relevant restaurants that can be found within Yabucoa .

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Yabucoa
Name Location Type Phone Number
El Nuevo Horizonte Central Yabucoa Creole (787) 893-5492
La Cueva Del Juey Maunabo, 3.1 mi. South-Southwest of Central Yabucoa Caribbean (787) 861-2112
Pique Flor Tacos Central Yabucoa Mexican (787) 266-3721
Tivoli Bar & Restaurant Central Yabucoa Caribbean (787) 354-1785

European and Asian

Visitors can choose between quite a few European options in the region, but don't anticipate finding too much in the way of Asian dining. In addition to Italian-style restaurants, you can also enjoy some International food nearby as well.

Sammy's Family Pizza offers a couple of cuisines to choose from, including International and Italian. Easy, filling foods and snacks are what you'll find on the menu at Sammy's. This includes pizzas, nachos, chicken nuggets, and more.

Take a look at the chart right below to find information on related choices within the area.

European and Asian Restaurants in Yabucoa
Name Location Type Phone Number
Fernan's Pizza Central Yabucoa Italian (787) 893-0067
King Of Pizza Central Yabucoa Italian (787) 893-6610
Pizzeraa Mi Sueno Maunabo, 3.1 mi. South-Southwest of Central Yabucoa Italian (787) 861-5634
Pizzeria El Pariente Central Yabucoa Italian (787) 893-4435
Sammy's Family Pizza Central Yabucoa International, Italian (787) 266-1588

American and Other

Along with some recognizable mealtime options, you can also enjoy some Italian and International food.

Subway Yabucoa is located at Yabucoa Shopping Center and offers a variety of dishes to try, including pizza and salads. Pile your sandwich up high with meats, cheeses, and vegetables, or keep it simple. Whatever you want, you can have it on your sub at Subway. You can reach them at (787) 266-3025.

Although there are a limited number of such options that can be found in Yabucoa , be sure to find out more about them if you scroll down to the table found just below.

American and Other Restaurants in Yabucoa
Name Location Type Phone Number
Sammy's Family Pizza Central Yabucoa International, Italian (787) 266-1588
Subway Yabucoa 0.4 mi. West of Central Yabucoa American (787) 266-3025

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