Boating and Sailing Near Yabucoa

No water? No problem.

As a destination that is completely land locked, sailing may not be the first thing you think of when you begin planning a vacation in Yabucoa.  Don't immediately discount this option, however, because it is possible to make arrangements to sail to a nearby coastal marina, dock your boat, and continue inland.

If you're just wanting to get out onto the water, without the complications and cost associated with renting a boat you can take an excursion. Wanting to know more what's included and where you'll go? Take a look at the table that follows for contact information for area providers.

Boat Excursions
Name Phone Location
La Paseadora Cruise to Monkey Island (787) 316-0441 7.4 mi. (11.9 km) Northeast of Humacao
Maragata Yacht Charter (787) 850-7548 Palmas del Mar Yacht Works - Palmas Del Mar

Evaluating the option of a yacht or boat charter? The following table indicates how to contact area charter companies.

Charter and Rental Services
Name Phone Location Island
Sail Caribe (787) 889-1978 Ceiba Puerto Rico


There are four ports of entry for sailors to utilize in Puerto Rico.  San Juan on the north coast, Fajardo on the east coast, Ponce on the south coast, and Mayaguez on the west coast.  Yabucoa is positioned about halfway between Fajardo and Ponce, so either port could be used depending upon where you are traveling from and how close to the town you want to get.  When you arrive at port, you'll meet with a customs official and have them review your documentation and possibly the ship's stores before gaining clearance.  At this point you will also have to buy your 12 month cruising permit which costs $25 for United States citizen and $37(USD) for all others.  After the business side of sailing is taken care of, you'll be free to make your way to Yabucoa.  

Do you plan to travel to Yabucoa using a vessel you own, or one you charter elsewhere? This table lists area marinas.

Name Phone Location Island
Palmas del Mar Yacht Works (787) 285-1510 Palmas Del Mar Puerto Rico

Whether you're staying for an extender period of time or just want to visit Yabucoa for a day of sightseeing, sailing is one way to make your way to the island of Puerto Rico if you've got the skills and know-how.  


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