Yabucoa Taxis

You can certainly hire a taxi to drive you around the scenic areas of Yabucoa

Tourists who stay in Yabucoa typically opt to rent a car because their explorations will urge them to get out on their own and see all of the local scenery.  There is nothing to recommend against using taxi services, however, so if you prefer to let someone else do the driving, you can most certainly make it happen.  

Taxi Companies

It is best to arrive prepared if you're going to make taxis your main mode of transportation in Yabucoa.  While you may get lucky and come across a taxi on the street (which you'll easily be able to spot because they are white and have the words “Taxi Turistico” on the front of the vehicle), it is more common that you will have to call and arrange for a driver to pick you up.  Keep the numbers of local agencies on hand wherever you go so you can always get on the phone and get a ride.  

Check out this chart to reach a local cab company whenever you are wanting a ride.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Madera & Son's VIP Taxi (787) 864-6739 Downtown Humacao
Oriental Taxi (787) 852-0000 26 Third Street - Downtown Humacao
Palmas del Mar Transport (787) 285-4323 Palmas Del Mar

Rates, Fares, and Fees

In Yabucoa, you can wave the driver down and settle on the fare when you get inside, or call and ask the dispatcher how much the ride will be when the driver arrives.  This is different than in San Juan, where the fare is set in advance; an important fact to know in case you decide to take a taxi from the airport, which will cost you $91(USD) for five passengers or less.  While it does make it more difficult to plan your budget, it also means you might be able to get rides for cheaper than in the bigger city.  

While taxis are not the most commonly used mode of transportation in Yabucoa, there is nothing to prevent you from choosing to go this route.  If you're leaning towards letting a local drive show you around, you'll find the option to be a great one. 


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