Coba Ball Courts

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The ball courts were central to Maya life, as well as life for many native civilizations in the southern Americas and the Caribbean. The ball courts were used to play a game deep in ritualistic, religious, political, and cultural significance, known as Ulama (or simply the Mesoamerican Ballgame). Played with rubber balls, the object of the game was to try to get the ball through a stone ring. Other than that the rules are lost to time. What is known is that the game was often used to settle difference, with the result often meaning life, death, or subjugation for players and supporting their city.


The ball court is easily spotted thanks to the round stone ring on a wall. The court is encompassed by an early stadium from which spectators would cheer on their team.

Staying Close

Coba Ball Courts is located in the Riviera Maya, so those visiting this region of the Yucatan Peninsula will be excited to have easy site access during their time there. With just a small number of hotels around the region around this historical site, a small amount of foot traffic should be predicted.

Hotels near Coba Ball Courts
Hotel Type Distance Direction
El Bocadito hotel Hotel -- 0.7 mi. (42.6 km) WNW

Location and What's Nearby

There are just enough restaurants to keep patrons appeased in the community immediately near this historical site. The most convenient eatery is Lavazza Cafe, a wonderful locale to dine at on your way to visiting Coba Ball Courts. Lavazza Cafe is about a half mile from this landmark, so grab a table and peruse the menu. El Faison and La Sazon Mexicana offer additional dining possibilities in the area. At La Sazon Mexicana you and your companions can try out Mexican meals and experience the culture of the Yucatan Peninsula.


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Location: the Riviera Maya, Mexico


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