Oval Palace

Photo Credit: © Dennis Jarvis CC BY

This asymmetrical shaped temple known as the Oval Palace must have been a complex building process. While its exact purpose is unknown, archaeologist believe it may have been used in certain astronomical rituals, though there is evidence that people may have lived inside too.


This taller building is mostly intact, especially the base pyramid where stones look as if they have not moved an inch since they were laid.

Staying Close

Consider staying in Yucatan if you plan on visiting Oval Palace, since visitors to this part of the Yucatan Peninsula will have the benefit of easy access to this historic attraction throughout their trip. With just a small number of hotels around the area around Oval Palace, only moderate foot traffic should be bargained on.

Hotels near Oval Palace
Hotel Type Distance Direction
Genesis Eco-Oasis Lodge 0.6 mi. (50.1 km) WNW
U-najil Cabanas Lodge 0.6 mi. (49.9 km) W

Location and What's Nearby

The area surrounding Oval Palace isn't exactly famous for its collection of meal options, but tourists willing to explore might come across a place where they can eat some food. Chaya's Natural Restaurant is a wonderful restaurant to eat at before visiting Oval Palace, and is the most convenient option for visitors to it.


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Location: Yucatan, Mexico


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