Punta Laguna Spider Monkey Reserve

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Officially named Otoch Ma'ax Yetel Kooh, which means "home of the spider monkey and the puma," Punta Laguna is a national protected area where 120 Maya Villagers live and maintain the property. Here, they make their living hosting a variety of tourism-based activities and sharing their culture with all who care to learn about it.

Somewhere between 400 and 800 Spider Monkeys and fewer Howler Monkeys populate the reserve, along with Pumas, White-tailed Deer, the Ocellates, and the Coati. But animals are not the only reason to visit Punta Laguna. An archeological site consisting of 36 Maya structures built between 300 B.C. and 250 A.D. are on property, as well as the Skull Cenote where over 120 skeletons from between 200 and 400 A.D. have been retrieved.

Eco-tourism is popular here, with such pursuits as jungle hiking, canoeing, zip-lining, water hole rappelling, and camping are optional.


Located in the Riviera Maya, Punta Laguna Spider Monkey Reserve happily welcomes customers who are lodging in this part of Quintana Roo. Regardless of whether or not you're staying nearby, you should consider stopping by for some fun in the sun. In case you're wondering, Akumal is within driving distance to the southeast.

Set just 18 kilometers from Coba Archeological Site, Punta Laguna is easily accessible by bus or car. The trip is 30 minutes from the nearest downtown area.

Nearby Attractions

Other local attractions include Nohoch Mul, which is within driving range in the Riviera Maya. You might also think about making the trip to Xaibe Temple, which is another attraction in the area.

With a selection of nearby activities, you'll never run out of things to do. The closest attractions are listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Punta Laguna Spider Monkey Reserve
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Nohoch Mul Historic Site 11.9 mi. (41.4 km) SSW 25.8 mi. Northwest of Tulum
Xaibe Temple Historic Site 12.0 mi. (41.4 km) SSW 25.8 mi. Northwest of Tulum
Coba Ball Courts Historic Site 12.1 mi. (41.6 km) SSW 25.8 mi. Northwest of Tulum
Coba Ruins Historic Site 12.3 mi. (41.7 km) SSW 25.9 mi. Northwest of Tulum

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Location: the Riviera Maya, Mexico




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