Xlapak Mayan Ruin

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Xlapak is one of the smaller Maya sites in the Mexican Caribbean, and is believed to date back to the Late to Terminal Classic periods. Excavation of the property began in the beginning of the 20th century, but there was little follow through, and archeologists again took up the task in 1965, though not much progress was made.

What to Expect

Xlapak has been divided into two groups. Group One features the Palace while Group 2 is decorated with columns.

Xlapak is located in a flat valley surrounded by hills, and is indeed the only topographical feature of the peninsula.

Staying Close

Those wishing to visit Xlapak Mayan Ruin may choose to book their trip in the Riviera Maya, since those staying in this region of the Yucatan Peninsula will have the benefit of easy site access throughout their trip. Despite the fact that this location doesn't see extremely high levels of tourism, you'll still find a reasonably varied selection of lodging options to choose from.

Hotels near Xlapak Mayan Ruin
Hotel Type Distance Direction
Amansala Resort 7.9 mi. (8.6 km) NE
Las Ranitas Lodge 8.1 mi. (8.3 km) NE
Suenos Tulum Lodge 8.3 mi. (7.8 km) NE
La Zebra Hotel Lodge 8.5 mi. (7.4 km) NE

Location and What's Nearby

The area surrounding this historical site isn't what you could be called famous for its array of eating options, but guests with an adventuresome attitude might happen upon a location to eat a dish or two. Memories Cafe is an easy to come by café and one of the quickest options for visitors here.



A tour of Xlapak is free.

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Location: The Riviera Maya, Mexico


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